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YF polyester Microfiber high end wool carpet
YF polyester Microfiber high end wool carpet YF polyester Microfiber high end wool carpet YF polyester Microfiber high end wool carpet YF polyester Microfiber high end wool carpet
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  • Updated: 2020-12-14 16:58
  • About Product:Microfiber high undercoat, suede fabrics using high quality environmentally friendly materials. Very soft and comfortable to the touch, adhesive selection is currently the most advanced bedding material, absorb water, vacuum cleaner, easy cleaning, adapt to douche, directly into the washing machine, hand-washing can be, rubber surface to avoid the Sun, flame-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-static, stain, stain-proof, moth, mildew, color mixing;
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Daily Necessities Trade Firm
Main Products: Floor mat, carpet, climbing mat, bathroom non-slip mat, drawing mat, outdoor mat, indoor porch mat, kitchen mat, bathroom suite.
Contacts: 黄玲玲
Mobile: 86-13957953773
WeChat: 13957953773
Address: 35632 , 1 Street, 2 F, 85 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 4).
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Ling the carpet

Main products: all kinds of floor MATS, carpets, household anti-skid MATS, etc.

Contact number: 13957953773 miss huang.

The color is many, the customer can choose according to the preference!

Welcome to shop order.

Sizes can be customized,Multi-color, anti - static friction, easy to clean, clean and fast, multi-style mixed, dust absorption indoor and external use, high-end atmosphere, good quality and low price,Carpet with its tight breathable structure, can absorb and isolate sound waves, have good sound insulation effect,Welcome customers to visit, QQ can also talk.

Support mixed batch,  The delivery problem: the company shipped all the goods on the same day, and the next day. So it will only be delivered one day later after payment by MM. The MM that can't wait is taken after consideration. The price of our products is absolutely low, and our products are absolutely excellent quality and reasonable price! (1), the company sold all goods guarantee after careful inspection before shipment, sure no quality issue after issue, and (2), if the buyer after receiving don't like, style doesn't fit, not pretty, ask for a refund of the buyer, take ten percent of the depreciation cost. But for the freight fee should be borne by the buyer (please note). (3), the other due to the light and display color difference caused by the difference does not belong to the quality. If this is your first contact line, buy clothes at the same time you particularly critical to quality work. So please buy again after careful consideration or consultancy, what color, what size, leave a message to write clearly. Avoid send the wrong goods. If taken in payment after the break goods phenomenon, we will take the initiative to contact, you can choose to wait, change other style or a refund. To avoid unnecessary trouble on both sides, please carefully read the above rules, thank you for your cooperation!








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