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Yiwu factory direct cartoons when applied to fashion DIY clothing accessories patch applique 中文版
Yiwu factory direct cartoons when applied to fashion DIY clothing accessories patch applique Yiwu factory direct cartoons when applied to fashion DIY clothing accessories patch applique
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  • Updated: 2018-06-10 13:57
  • Yiwu factory direct cartoons when applied to fashion DIY clothing accessories patch applique
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Name: Jin Zhu accessories Main material: cloth Scope of application: apparel | hometextile dress |








1 , this cloth tape adhesive, with a household iron or flat Ironing Board ironing, it is very convenient, simple and fast Oh, chic and stylish.
2, can be ironed or sewn on the favorite bag, fabric products, create their own DIY ideas.
3, baby clothes hanging on a bad scrape, you can use him to fill the hole, cover up blemishes.
4, when washing away the stains on the clothes, you can paste with a cloth cover.
5, early of clothes were boring, can choose a character cloth patch decoration, and a slightly different clothes.
6, taking into account the proportion of freight, we recommend a purchase, can save on shipping costs, more practical and cost-effective.

7 , due to picture for macro shots, different display color, please take the material object as well.

1. Want to paste parts clean, when applied in the right place, there is glue on the side of objects to, and then applied to spread a thin dry colourless cloth or clean towel. Clothes to keep dry, don't water.
2. adjust the iron temperature to cotton, linen, or 150 degrees, the temperature reached where the back when applied to hard pressed for 15 seconds to 25 seconds back and forth around the iron away, wait 5 minutes or so cold after checking to see if a solid, if not ideal, more methods available again.
3, can also be good from clothes, hot-melt adhesive side against her clothes, hot 10-15 seconds, when applied is uniform throughout, and depending on the cloth pad of cloth (to prevent burnt clothes). Irons – every piece of cloth--clothes---the back cloth stickers (adhesive side up). If the fabric allows, it is best to both be ironed, it will look more solid. If iron my clothes are original patterns or words, (will affect the effect of viscosity) Please try to remove the original pattern, this site focuses on ironing ironing it.

4 , andBuiter also suitable for needle stitched to where where you like to sew, arbitrary, all up to you.

5 , wash, please avoid direct rubbing, washing machine or flip suggested over. Over time, it is possible to curl, then use needle and thread to fix would be nice.

6 , if used on sweaters, sweater, sweater woven thin flat back tape stuck ironing can also be used, because the sweater extension, if sewn reinforcement would be better. Sweaters are out of balance, with hand-stitched sweaters plaster. Back plaster can also be affixed with a needle and thread to sew.

Reminder: friends Hothead, removed the iron will try to expose it is solid, then in all likelihood can strip off, be sure to cool and try again.

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Have any questions, please contact through wangwang, or mail, I believe good faith communication can solve all the problems.

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