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Special stainless steel electric kettle for hotel rooms - constant force fast electric kettle. 中文版
Special stainless steel electric kettle for hotel rooms - constant force fast electric kettle. Special stainless steel electric kettle for hotel rooms - constant force fast electric kettle. Special stainless steel electric kettle for hotel rooms - constant force fast electric kettle. Special stainless steel electric kettle for hotel rooms - constant force fast electric kettle.
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  • Updated: 2020-10-26 15:35
  • Hotel room special electric kettle -K02 stainless steel kettle - constant power fast electric kettle electric kettle.
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Electric kettle type: electric kettle. Brand :HONEYSON constant force. Model: K02
Item no: K02 Capacity: 1.1-1.2 litres Body material: stainless steel.
Insulation function: none Security features: automatic power off. Mark: internal wall marking.
Heating: chassis heating. Heating rate :4-6 minutes. Rated voltage :220
Rated frequency :50 Rated power :1350. Purpose: business gifts.
Whether to adjust temperature: not adjustable. Power consumption: 1. Product category: electric kettle.


Constant fast electrical- HONEYSONHenglixun brand-Double electric kettle for hotel.K02


Technical parameters:

1.capacity1.2 L

2.Power:1350 w.

3.Color: sand and mirror.

4.Can matchbandcPallet suit


Basic information:


Color: sand and mirror.

Capacity:1.2 L

Voltage:110 v / 220 v to 240 v

Power:1350 w.

Certification:3 c. CE. SASO

Thermostat: domestic or developed.

Stainless steel:# 201or# 304


Gross weight:12 KGS

Volume:0.08 / CTN

Carton:56.5 * 34.5 * 43 cm


Product features:

  1. Hotel dedicated concept: understand the particularity of hotel appliances, design, production, constant communications appliances, stable performance, use of safe, good appearance, easy to clean, low repair rate and guarantee after-sales service;
  2. Domestic brand temperature control, long service life, low repair rate; Double layer protection with water opening/dry burning automatic power off function;
  3. The design of the big spout can be easily put into the pot.
  4. Concealed stainless steel hot plate, easy to clean;
  5. Remove \"steam conduit\", clean without obstacles;
  6. Discard filter: reduce cleaning items and avoid damage and loss;
  7. Red indicator light, clear working status;
  8. Imported food grade plastic, no smell;
  9. The steam switch controls the water temperature to ensure 100% water boiling;
  10. Split base,360 degree optional;
  11. Simple appearance, designed for the hotel, coordinated with the guest room environment;
  12. The craft is exquisite, accord with the class of the hotel;
  13. Easy to use and easy to operate;
  14. Low maintenance rate, stable performance and durability;
  15. It is available from stock at any time, and the shipment is timely and fast, which is in line with the hotel's business time requirements.
  16. After-sales guarantee, timely maintenance, avoid affecting the hotel business.


Item introduction


Electric kettle (English name:Electric kettleUsing steam intelligent induction control, overheat protection, water boiling automatic power off, dry burning and power failure, a device for rapid boiling water. Generally available: split type.


Power base, water boiling automatically disconnect, water level indicator standard and power indicator light, dry protection and other safety devices, general technical indicators are.1000 w to 1500 wAround, capacity from1to2lAll of them have voltage220


-240 v. Overseas use110 vVoltage, China also has many manufacturers to produce.

Development of electric kettle.

The pace of modern life is faster.The international trend of \"simplicity\" has emerged in an all-round way, and the way people drink water.Tends to be \"simple\". At present, in addition to office buildings and individual households in the use of drinking water machine consumption pure water or.


Outside distilled water, the vast majority of families still drink boiling water. However, it has been popular in the developed countries of Europe and America, such as thermal electric kettle, because of its time-saving, energy-saving, beautiful, convenient and safe features.


After entering the market, the vast majority of consumers favor. So far, so bigb2cShopping malls and home appliance chain stores are available in small home appliances, ranging from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

The rapid electric kettle has experienced a major upgrade. Compared with the first-generation products, the current second generation products are designed with a concealed heating plate, a separate design of the pot body and a power supply chassis, and a power supply chassis.


Receive power cord and other improvements.

With the improvement of living standards, the demand for electric water kettles is also improving. There is a thermoelectric kettle on the market. The appearance of the thermoelectric kettle will combine the boiling water with the heat preservation.


Life has improved efficiency.


I.e. thermal type electric kettle brand on the market is more, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, most consumers because of how much more when buy, choose a job, material, after-sales service guaranteed brand, not necessarily fan


Believe in big brands. The most important thing is to see if the product has a country.3 cMandatory inspection mark.


Use and maintenance


1The rated power of the electric kettle is generally larger, and the capacity of the power plug, socket and power line should be chosen appropriately and generally appropriate.10 aSpecification, if rated power exceeded.2200 w.A larger size should be adopted.


Sockets, and these outlets should be used independently to ensure safety.

2The plug of the electric kettle usually has a grounding pole and should be connected to the socket with a grounding socket. When used, the power plug should be fully plugged into the socket.

3Always keep the power plug, socket, power line and automatic switch device of the electric kettle as dry and clean.

4The water injection should not exceed the highest water level, so as not to overflow the pot when the liquid is boiling. Water injection should not be too small to avoid drying.

5When using an electric kettle, be careful not to let the child touch the pot or touch the power cord so as to avoid causing burns and other accidents.

6When cleaning, the electric kettle can not be doused in the water or washed with water, so as not to damage the electrical insulation due to moisture, causing failure and leakage.

7Do not repair the electric kettle. In the process of use, if the equipment is damaged, do not work properly, do not open the shell for repair, and repair the repair shop or the production plant of the product.



Buying points


A look at the models: electric kettle with ordinary electric kettle (no) temperature control device, automatic temperature control type electric kettle, automatic with pressure water supply device of electric kettle, after boiling water can be automatically cut off power supply, or can automatically heat preservation


) three.

Second, the performance of electrical appliances: electric kettle is the electrical appliance with water work. Special attention should be paid to its electrical properties when purchasing, to ensure that there is no leakage phenomenon.

Power lead connector: the power lead connector and the spout connection should be reliable, elastic and flexible.

4. The interface between the heater and the body: the interface between the heater and the body should be firmly installed, the seal is good, and there is no leakage. Use hand to gently push the heater, check whether the assembly is firm, should not loosen.



5. Temperature control device: choose an electric kettle with an automatic temperature control device or an insulated device, and it should be noted that its temperature control is flexible and reliable.

Six see water supply switch: automatic with pressure water supply device of choose and buy electric kettle, should check whether water supply lock switch button flexible, shoulds not be too great pressure, water supply button, the tank cover, pot, etc


It should be flexible and convenient, with good sealing performance.



Security and protection


1To prevent scald by using the anti-skid handle and anti-slip rubber foot design;

2The double protection of automatic power failure is more secure.

3High quality temperature controller, long service life, safe and secure.



Classification of goods


The structure is divided into direct and rotary. The straight plug is the pot body and the base can not rotate, heating directly with the heating pipe; The rotary type is the pot body and the base.360Rotate the degree and heat it with a hot plate. It's a rare market


Most of the products are rotary.

In order to ensure the safety of the electric kettle when the temperature control element fails, it has been used recently.PTCAn electric kettle for heating elements.



The working principle of


The working principle of electric kettle is: the water vapour produced when water is boiling makes the steam temperature element double.Electric kettle

The metal sheet deforms, and USES the deformation to push the power switch through the lever principle, so that the electric kettle is automatically cut off after the water boils. The power cut is not self-reset so the water pot will not be automatically reheated.

usePTCHeating elements instead of heat pipes can effectively prevent fire hazards caused by dry burning.PTCThe drying temperature of the heating element can be set in.150~ 250Any temperature between, when the temperature comes.


After the temperature is set,PTCThe resistance of the element increases rapidly, and the heating power drops sharply, keeping the temperature at the set temperature rather than rising.PTCThe automatic control temperature of the heating element is absolute.


It depends. It depends.PTCThe internal resistance changes and controls the temperature, rather than relying on any contact control. So now a lot of fancy electric kettle is used.PTCDeheating elements. But, because there are so many.


Electric kettle designers are not used to it yet.PTCHeating elements, plus.PTCThe price is relatively high, the volume is relatively large, make its application restricted.

PTCThe heating element is used for the thermal insulation of electric kettle. Electric kettle's thermal insulation power is relatively small, use.PTCHeating elements will not add much cost.PTCThe heating element has the function of dry burning.


The dry power is about one tenth of the power of the boiling water, and in the case of the temperature control element failure,PTCThe temperature is kept at a lower temperature and there is no danger.



Safety device


First weight: steam switch, when water boils, steam switch will action, make the kettle power off;

The second: dry heating protection, such as steam switch action, water will always burn down and shrinking when water is lower than the lowest water level or when burning, the other a bimetallic strip temperature control will action, make the kettle power;

Third, if all of the above are lost, as the temperature rises, a plastic putter in the thermostat will melt, leaving the kettle without power.



The relevant knowledge


1, why some electric kettle has the fragrance, the fragrance is high-grade?

A scented electric kettle is a sealed silica gel containing the aromatic substance, so when you open the lid, you can smell a fragrance and feel good on the surface.,But it's actually bad for your health, so there's a fragrance.


A hot water bottle is just a small brand that entices consumers to buy. A good kettle should have no taste, including plastic. The plastic part of the water, must be food grade plastic, and food grade plastic is not.


Have a taste


2Why is there noise when the electric kettle is heated for a period of time?

The noise is caused by the fact that there is a lot of scale in the kettle, which produces a lot of bubbles when heated, and the bubbles pop up during the ascent. This is not a product problem, it's not a product.


It's a reminder that I should clean it. Consumers can eliminate the phenomenon by cleaning and descaling according to the instructions.


3The power cord of the electric kettle is too short to be used in order to save money.

Electric kettle is a product with high power, if the power cord is too long, it will not be safe. The length of the power cord of the normal manufacturer is strictly designed according to the national regulations.


It is easy to follow the convenience of consumers and unlimited extension of power cord, so as to avoid safety hazards to consumers. Of course, not too short. Therefore, the power line is not necessarily to save money.


4Can the electric kettle boil in the south?

While cooking the principle and the principle is the same as the boiling water, but on the surface of the electric kettle is never can boil, because cooking noodles is temporary open the lid, so it is easy to make water vapor through the lid driven back to the temperature sensors, make


The thermostat can't trip automatically and have an accident.


5Why does the plastic burst when the electric kettle is used outside?

At present, most of the products of the electric kettle are designed for indoor use, so there is no addition in the plastic data.The uvStable, so it's easy to blow plastic out in the open air. Advise consumers not to stay long.


Use it outdoors, especially in direct sunlight, and it's ok to use it occasionally.


6Why is the electric kettle of the same stainless steel on the market, the price difference is very big?

In fact, the same \"stainless steel\" is the same as that of the consumer. In fact, there is a big difference in the substance of the stainless steel products:1.Stainless steel components are imported excellent materials, import and domestic prices.


It's very different;2.Even with the same stainless steel materials, the processing sequence is different, the money is much higher, such as near light, mirror light has a large area.3.If the temperature controller is imported, the price difference is 20 or 30.


Yuan. As a result, roughly the so-called same stainless steel body, in fact, carefully, there is a big difference of a penny.


7Some electric kettle has the function of heat preservation, what is the principle of heat preservation?

Which has the function of thermal insulation kettle, most have two hair heat pipe, a heat preservation heat pipes is controlled by thermal insulation switch single control allows users to choose whether or not continue to heat preservation, in order to achieve a certain of time, still


Keep the water temperature at the right temperature for tea, instant noodles, etc. Thermal insulation100 w.Below, an hour usually does not exceed.0.1KWH.


8Electric kettle for use.PTCWhy do heating elements prevent dry burning?

PTCThermistor is a ceramic resistor whose resistance varies with temperature. When its temperature is lower than its Curie temperature, the resistance is relatively small. But when its temperature is higher than its Curie temperature, the resistance is small.


The temperature range is several thousand times higher than the temperature range. withPTCThe element as the heating element, when the temperature is lower than the Curie temperature, the resistance is small, the heating power is large, and the heating water temperature rises; The higher the water temperature


,PTCThe greater the resistance of the element, the lower the heating power; When dry burning occurs,PTCThe temperature rises above its own Curie temperature,PTCThe resistance of the element increases rapidly and the power decreases rapidly.PTCThe temperature of the insured


Hold a temperature slightly higher than Curie. If setPTCThe Curie temperature within a reasonable range, dry burning will not have adverse consequences.


9How to remove scale from electric kettle?

a.Boil the eggs to remove the scale.

It's hard to get rid of the scale of the electric kettle, and if you boil it a few times, it will be good.

bCitric acid is used to remove scale.

After using the electric kettle for a period of time, if you find that the scale is serious, you can put some citric acid into the kettle, add half of the water, and then boil it and pour it away. Lemon not only can remove the scale, but also.


Can leave a fresh smell of lemon, really kill two birds with one stone.

cThe magnet removes the scale.

Put a magnet in the pot, not only can prevent scale, boil water can also be magnetized, have the effect of preventing and treating constipation, sore throat.

dAnd the scale of the potato.

In the new water bottle, add a half pot of the yam, fill the water, boil the potato, then boil water will not scale. But be careful not to wash the inner wall after the kettle is cooked, otherwise it will be lost.


The role of scale. Even for an old water bottle that has been filled with scale, cooking it once or twice in the same way can help clear the scale and prevent the scale from being redeposited.


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