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Rainbow tool to make DIY Rainbow rubber bands bracelet Loom 中文版
Rainbow tool to make DIY Rainbow rubber bands bracelet Loom Rainbow tool to make DIY Rainbow rubber bands bracelet Loom Rainbow tool to make DIY Rainbow rubber bands bracelet Loom Rainbow tool to make DIY Rainbow rubber bands bracelet Loom
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  • Updated: 2014-09-06 15:22
  • Raise the baby hands, play baby's imagination and creativity. Tie it up with rich colors, improve aesthetic ability. Make your own beautiful baby bracelets, animals, fruits and a wide variety of tie it up with a small doll, get the joy of creating. MOM and dad accompanied with complete, or you can promote affection between parents.
EXW Price:
Above 100pcs   ¥ 11.00 /pc
50pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 11.50 /pc
10pcs ~49pcs   ¥ 12.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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0-color silicone ring all 600 + s buckle 48 + pendant 2 + Green crochet 1 + PP box + instructions + U-type weaving

    United States has been popular for more than 1 year now has swept Australia Canada Netherlands Belgium Germany France Hong Kong Taiwan over more than 40 countries and regions, such as the Philippines, each of kindergarten and primary school everyone has, train a child's ability, aesthetic judgment, coordination, design ability and memory in all aspects of development. He weaves the colorful world, Bracelets Necklaces and other jewelry, all kinds of crafts small pendants and animals, can do all of life. Do not let your child lost at the starting line. A comprehensive training tool!

  How fun, easy, fast, based on their favorite colors, each circle is linked, and then the c-hook to hook into. You'll love it.

Fosters ingenuity and color matching, show yourself, develop self-confidence, imagination, ability and color matching.

Suitable for children over 3 years old develop intelligence, improve child practical ability, promotes communication for 3-6 games, adults apply weave bracelets are very fashionable jewelry, Oh.

When personality with self woven on beautiful bracelets must be confident in front of partners, ask friends with envy and also can be given to his closest friends, promoting friendship, or to weave together with friends and family. Both interesting and hands, eyes, brain capacity also can promote mutual feelings.

Copy the following URL (Lian Zhongwen) see huge amounts of video tutorials:

Http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_ Rainbow looms? f=1&KB=02114010kv100__ Rainbow loom

Exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries, Europe and North America are very popular right now, factories have produced the original authorization.

   Trouble other baby stores do not copy our language, otherwise it will find contempt. Number of rubber bands quantity of this store is the real deal. Unlike other shops say is the number of rubber bands, received under carefully after there is not so much the number of rubber bands, also denigrate the store's shelves is not good. The shelves are all in one place also say we are bad, do you this is not a stone to hit one's own foot. The store was sold, a deficit in the end, don't believe what other stores have something attractive, small with products like our pendant sold no more than prices in other stores.

Is the integrity of the management of the shop, you can buy any of the products in our shop, gave children a surprise. What do not know where you can freely consult, if didn't reply recommends independent shopping, or leave us a message, to the computer next to promptly respond to your

Support mixed batch, ★ delivery problems: we ship all orders the same day and next day shipping. so occasionally in MM are issued only after payment a day late. a watched pot never boils the MM can't wait to consider well before you shoot. ★ Call: the higher the quality, and I sold the company is absolutely very low commodity prices, our products is definitely value for money! ① the company sold goods to ensure carefully checked before shipment, issued after determining no quality problems, and secondly, if buyer after receiving does not like, style is not suited, not beautiful, buyers want to return, the depreciation to take 10%. but for freight charges to be borne by the buyer (Please note). ③ due to chromatic aberration of light and display the difference is outside the scope of quality. If this is your first contact, buy dresses at the same time you are especially critical to quality workmanship. after careful consideration or consultation, please buy, what color, what size, and messages clearly. to avoid wrong delivery. Occurs after payment taken in stock, we will take the initiative to contact, you can choose to wait, changing other styles or for a refund. In order to avoid both unnecessary trouble, please read the above rules, thank you!


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