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The new hot spot of creative gifts Keyholders Aircraft Metal Keychain 中文版
The new hot spot of creative gifts Keyholders Aircraft Metal Keychain The new hot spot of creative gifts Keyholders Aircraft Metal Keychain The new hot spot of creative gifts Keyholders Aircraft Metal Keychain The new hot spot of creative gifts Keyholders Aircraft Metal Keychain
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  • Updated: 2016-08-02 14:51
  • All exclusive new hot giveaway metallic Keychain Rotary gear alloy Keychain reliable quality and good value for money work fine
EXW Price:
Above 9600000pcs   ¥ 1.80 /pc
2400pcs ~9599999pcs   ¥ 2.40 /pc
1200pcs ~2399pcs   ¥ 3.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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TaoYuJu Firm
Main Products: Keychain coin purse, Craftsman's bag, key case, cosmetic bag
Contacts: ye
Mobile: 13645793817
E-mail: yefenlong@163.com
WeChat: 13645793817 13868976242
Address: 7543A, 7 Street, 3F, 10 Gate, C-International Trade Mart (District 1),Yiwu,China
Address: 浙江省 义乌市 义亭工业区
Brand: Hua Zhaolai Key Accessories category: Keychain Style: Unisex
Shape: geometric Pendant material: metal Packaging: individually wrapped
Print LOGO: Customized processing: Yes Material: metal
Specification: standard Category: Metal Keychain For gift-giving occasions: promotional activities

200162 free size 50 30 11 32 flat ring weight 42 g

200171 does not contain 30 size 40 40 12 gram flat ring 19 g

200178 excluding 30 flat ring link chain size 43 31 5.1 grams of 24

200178 excluding 30 flat ring link chain size 43 31 5.1 grams of 24

Product specifications are as follows:

Product weight: 42g product dimensions: 50*30*11 mm plating color: bright nickel

Packing carton size: OPP packing carton: 45*30*20cm (600 Pack) the Keychain can be packaged according to customer's requirement, we have the top cover of the box, boxes each weighing 55 grams if each box in need of adding 1.5 Yuan, per 200 boxes, carton size: 65*40*35cm. OPP packaging size: 15.6kg weight: Net weight 18 kg box 16.2kg gross weight: 19kg

Products can be manufactured according to the customer requirements in the middle of various laser logo: screen printing logo,CD line logo. film logo.


100098 excluding 35 flat ribbon size 42 27.8 6.6 grams



 Hua Zhaolai Crafts specializes in producing all kinds of key chain, bag hooks, leather key chains, PU key chains, leather key chains. Diverse styles! All metal, leather key rings can be produced. Can according to customer drawings or any development and production. Product colors and diverse! There is gold. Silver. Copper color. Silver. Pearl color. Antique bronze. Red bronze. Gun black. ADB and other colors. Shorter product development cycles, customers can sample samples or pictures for six or seven days. High end line of products, with high quality requirements as a benchmark. Just contact customer please do not care the price, regardless of quality, customers can package your satisfaction of the quality requirements. Please believe that price point goods! The same price than quality! Those who are interested can call directly!  

Factory equipment and high precision milling machines, high precision grinders. Carving machine, mold production equipment. All molds are designed to produce. Can guarantee the accuracy of product and mould opening time. Equipped with a variety of specifications of the die casting machine. Can produce 1 grams to 500 grams of a variety of products. High-end high demand product-oriented products. The factory difficult demanding professional die-cast products. If accessories required high hollow pieces. Four sides core-drawing more side core-pulling. High clamping within the 2-wire line requirements. Or require no stripping slope. High dimensional accuracy requirements! Or die-cast is smooth without grain. Multi parts accessories installation accessories. There are die-casting plant said that can't be done. Is one of our strengths. The factory has its own mold workshop! All mold products from design to production are completed on their own! Equipped with high precision tooling equipment more than one!


Product: mold, die casting, Gong drilling, polishing, plating, screen printing, laser, Assembly, packaging ... such as


Hua Zhaolai crafts: Ye Fenlong

Mobile phone: 13645793817


Phone: 0579-85287543

Fax: 0579-85287543


100141 free of flat ring size 65 35 15 10 g 25.5 g

100072 excluding 35 flat ring size 41.1 32 4 gram 28.3
Screen bookmarks

100252 free size 42 28 32 flat ring weighs 29 grams 6 grams (

Important notice:


1, but before buyers take product, please contact me to confirm whether it is available, in case of shortage delayed your time, but most are in stock. After your payment stock products are available in stores within2days;logoproducts shipped within 5 days, stock order duration is about 15-20 days, but inevitably there are special reasons, such as delayed shipment will inform the customer.
, playlogoproducts are shipped, do not accept cash after first! Welcome to PayPal! Our net sales, declined to bargain!
, due to the monitor, the camera and the map process, product color, slight deviations may occur! Colors in order to prevail in kind!  
, please take goods backto 5days to complete the transaction.
, about the return policy: after orders began to make up, we do not accept returns if it is incorrectly on the productLOGO, can be negotiated, because we are playing ProLOGO, we are not for sale, please understand.
, because our style too much, if you're online style no satisfactory, you may want to contact the shopkeeper, shopkeeper have more styles to make your choice.
7, after the receipt of the goods, if you are satisfied with the transaction, please don't forget to give us a winning support. If not satisfied or have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to tell us in order to improve!      

1.first, the evaluation of 〓 〓:
upon completion of the transaction, you have to evaluate our powers, we value your comments, you strive to get the praise.
Please customer friends were shopping Hou objective to gives evaluation, don't according to himself of mood free on this shop made in the assessment, and poor assessment, trading process in the or received merchandise Hou as has any discontent and recommends, must to first through phone or Mong Mong contact we, we must will be properly solution, please Ning in solution Hou again gives evaluation, thanks you of tie.

II, and 〓 on chromatic aberration 〓:
this shop merchandise are for real shooting, photoelectric not while find out of merchandise color has differences of, so not excluded you received arrival Hou, real and figure of color has point deviation, LCD display than General General explicit2displayed shows device of brightness to high, color to bright, if you with of is LCD display please you understanding this point oh.

Our shipping costs are actual shipping charge will not how many customers a penny, commodity shipping costs displayed to the right of that is the exact figures, many items, we recommend you use the shopping cart a one-time purchase, if every single shot, contact customer service to change the postage requirements, only charge a postage.

1. thelarge list of priority logistics.

2.yuantong courier, and rhyme up express or Shen pass express andEMSway needed knows matters: Express arrival time normal for1-4days, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai area1-2days, other remote area2-4days, but not excluded has individual special situation served time will more long, we can guarantee of is shipping time and non-arrival time, received pieces address and the information not detailed, Subjective in the course of transport (courier) or objective (such as car accidents, natural disasters) factors have a direct impact on the normal delivery time of goods and chose an express customer you must comprehend and accept it to continue trading, hope you can understand (courier charges as described in the shipping of the merchandise displayed on the right).

3.attached parts logistics official website:
yuantong Express Web site (available):Http://www.YTO.NET.CN/
Sto Express Web site (available):Http://www.Sto.CN/
SF Games Web site (can be found):Http://www.SF-Express.com/
website (available):Http://www.EMS.com.CN/
yunda Express Web site (available):Http:// www.yundaex.com

QQ:504249108 微信13645793817


手机:13645793817  13868976242





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