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Genuine free shipping 100ml neutral SEX lasting fragrance perfume ladies classic 中文版
Genuine free shipping 100ml neutral SEX lasting fragrance perfume ladies classic Genuine free shipping 100ml neutral SEX lasting fragrance perfume ladies classic Genuine free shipping 100ml neutral SEX lasting fragrance perfume ladies classic
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  • Updated: 2016-01-21 10:24
  • Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives and liquid ethanol or ethyl acetate, used to make an object (usually parts of the human body) has a lasting and pleasant smell. Essential oils derived from plants and flowers, with distillation or fat suction extraction or use scented organic. Fixatives are used to bring together a variety of spices, including balsam, Ambergris and Civet and musk deer glands secretion. Ethanol or ethyl acetate concentration depends are perfumes, Eau de toilette or Cologne. Perfume's shelf life is usually five years.
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The market stage on the basis of the market * wholesale price rise. Sale merchandise is not accept subjective assume responsibility for returned goods and refund, such as commodity prices, and imagination is different, do not sell well, back after the price difference. As the commodity itself and goods that have access to, we are responsible for return.

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