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6 cm ball hollow rubber ball indoor training ball squash high elastic toy ball 中文版
6 cm ball hollow rubber ball indoor training ball squash high elastic toy ball 6 cm ball hollow rubber ball indoor training ball squash high elastic toy ball 6 cm ball hollow rubber ball indoor training ball squash high elastic toy ball 6 cm ball hollow rubber ball indoor training ball squash high elastic toy ball
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  • Updated: 2015-08-16 15:59
  • High elastic hollow ball, rubber, elastic good squash, toy balls, using the enhanced movement exercise
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Natural rubber material

Hollow high elastic hollow sphere

Diameter 6 cm

Compact buyers must read:

1 , because the product is much more, Head Office and wholesale business, circulation quickly, please be sure to ask before buying the stock.
2, please see the product description, this is very important.
318;00--18:30 a day, delivery, please make payment before 18:00, it is important to avoid goods a day late affect your mood;

4 , default Sto Express, second choice for flexible, others, such as SF, EMS will be calculated according to the price;

5 , can look it up according to the number of pieces: courier companies corresponding to the official website for:

Site standards (international standard competition venues)

6.4 meters wide, 9.75 meters long, ago 4.57 meters, height 2.13 m,ceiling height 5~6 metres, castanet height 0.48 m, frontal service line height of 1.83 meters, the floor service line from the rear wall of 4.26 metres, half-court line the floor service line with the back wall from the Center to the left-right divide, tee is 1.6 meters.

B, technical standards, wall systems: 6mm United States SPORTWALL elastic plaster system floor system: 18mm maple wood floor glass back wall system: 12mm tempered glass and metal accessories

Three, squash courts product portfolio

(A) wall system performance: 1. This product is a resin matrix, non-water-soluble systems, in the gray of the completion of the conservation period, cracks in walls will not shrink by evaporation, algae or Lichen growth problem would not occur;2. Spraying water does not need to be repeated to push grey matrix has enough strength and therefore do not cause adverse effects or damage to floor;3. This product because it contains no fiber can reduce the wall thickness of the ash layer and have enough compression function;4. When the ash is completed, its look and feel smooth, uniform;5. In ball's impact and the racket have tackled still does not change its color;6. Very good prevention of ball reaction;7. Easy to maintain. (B) the floor systemmaterials:1. Bouncy the ball good;2. Damping, seismic;3. Good sound insulation;4. Unique elastic cushions, for hard Maple Flooring offer unique flexibility and stress, reduce the athletes brought about by bouncing on the floor and hurt the chances. Construction technology:material selection for Canada Maple. Maple wood with high toughness and the first known series, each of the maple wood floor size is 70mm wide, 18mm thick, lengths range from 300mm to 900mm, nail on the pine with a special hook at the bottom with elastic cushioning, lying covered with moisture-proof plastic foil flat on the ground. (C) glass back wall system product performance:1. High-strength metal parts:professional factory special custom aluminium alloy parts than other strength more than 20% of aluminum parts, and has beautiful appearance, fatigue resistance strong, easy to install, fine processing and so on. 2. Reasonable structure: aglass back wall system all use 12mm thick security tempered glass; all of the edges are polished; outside the seams between the plate and the plate side evenly supported. 3. Good safety performance:safety is the focus of most attention. Safety of each part of the system have been repeatedly tested to withstand strong impact and overweight loads. Such as doors or flanking support plate accidentally ruptured, while the glass will shatter into small blunt pieces, does no harm to the human body.

"Playing squash"

Squash require player's endurance must be very strong. Two contestants were trying to hit the ball down the field, and the ball cannot touch the ground or the other player in flight. 1) game:before the game begins, players have five minutes of warm-up time, during this period the main task is to allow air to enter the Interior of the ball, to increase flexibility. Usually by a position player selected to serve on the right. After the game, winner of the Council have the right to choose to serve on site (that is, left or right field). After each point, both parties switching sides again, so that interaction until one side loses the right to serve. 2) winning the game: thesquash game, mostly in three or five havens. First 9 points in the game's players to win this game. But when the runners reached 8 points before breaks of up to 9 or 10 players win the game. General hand-in player to score, if the server players lost the ball, opponents are right to serve. After obtaining the player the right to serve the right to score. 3) forehand:squash, the forehand is the most basic strokes. Forehand can control the direction of the ball well and hit the ball is very powerful. Players in running back used when the ball struck the rear bomb added to the "forehand" movement, designed to hit the ball to the wall in the rear of the corner. Forehand is a master at the request of the strike hit the ball, not too much amplitude. 4) backhand:backhand is also a powerful backhand, but the purpose of it is typical to put the ball over the site. Backhand requires good control, and must guarantee the backhand hit the ball to fly over site and cannot harm the opponent. Note that backhand's ultimate goal is to hit the ball in the corner to close to the ground. About squash, by the flight of the ball speed is divided into blue point (fast), red (medium), white (slow) and Huang Dian (very slow). Squash is filled with inert gas, when the wall when the ball was hit, due to frictional heating of the gas expansion, its flying speed can achieve a speed of about 150 meters, speed is second only to the King of speed badminton, becomes a quick and vigorous exercise.

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