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Factory Direct Sales Clothing Accessories Customization as Request Heat Transfer Patch Shengda Accessories Wholesale Hot Drilling 中文版|
Factory Direct Sales Clothing Accessories Customization as Request Heat Transfer Patch Shengda Accessories Wholesale Hot Drilling Factory Direct Sales Clothing Accessories Customization as Request Heat Transfer Patch Shengda Accessories Wholesale Hot Drilling Factory Direct Sales Clothing Accessories Customization as Request Heat Transfer Patch Shengda Accessories Wholesale Hot Drilling
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  • Updated: 2021-07-22 14:03
  • About Product:Heat transfer printing craft: rhinestone sticky and picture printed heat transfer printing hot drilling type: domestic diamond brand: Shengda scope of application: clothing | Clothing | Home textile | Others
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Heat transfer printing process: rhinestone sticky and picture printed heat transfer printing Hot drilling type: domestic drilling Brand: Shengda
Scope of Application: clothing | Clothing | Home textiles | Others




Heat transfer printing knowledge




1. Peel off a layer of white substrate with lines under rhinestone pattern, and then put the sticker stuck with the drill map on the clothes where you think it is appropriate, and press it flat by hand, [Sticky side down] If the drill is relatively large, or there are several kinds of diamonds or pieces of different sizes, the clothes should be turned back and ironed from the cloth side.





2. The electric iron is adjusted to the first gear of "cotton"[ equivalent120-150 degree], steam iron do not turn on steam do not drain water, dry ironing is OK. (The steam iron needs to increase the number of moves because there are eyes, so it will be heated unevenly) put the clothes on a relatively flat operating surface, sometimes in order to iron more firmly, one or two layers of towels can be put on the operating surface. Press the iron on the heat transfer printing and iron it for about 15 seconds. If the heat transfer printing is large and the electric iron cannot cover it once, move the iron on the heat transfer printing repeatedly to heat the whole heat transfer printing evenly. At the same time, the ironing time is also extended accordingly.

3. After ironing, after the heat transfer printing is cooled, remove the sticker layer on the surface, and a beautiful DIY hot-fix rhinestone design will be completed.


Preparation: heat transfer printing, electric iron, thin towel when necessary, etc.

Principle: there are specialized glue at the bottom of the hot drilling. In case of high temperature, the glue at the bottom will melt, thus sticking to objects. Generally, clothes are used, but there are some fabric reasons, the melted colloid cannot penetrate into the cloth, which will affect the viscosity of hot drilling (such as satin cloth).







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1. Put the clothes on the table first and preheat them to about iron.140 to160 between degrees. If your iron power is not particularly large, you can directly drive to the maximum gear and turn off the steam.

2. Carefully separate heat transfer printing from white base paper. Do not deform heat transfer printing during tearing. Hot drilling shift

3. Stick the heat transfer printing sticky side down to the desired position on the clothes. If it is not pasted once, you can carefully tear it up and adjust it again.

4. Press iron of the heat directly to the transparent heat transfer printing of hot fix tape. Hot fix tape can resist high temperature and do not worry about melting hot fix tape. Iron to stay at about heat transfer printing15 seconds, the specific time depends on your ironing bucket and hot drilling

5. Remove the iron, wait for the surface of the heat transfer printing to cool down, and carefully tear the transparent hot fix tape slowly. When tearing, pay attention to whether the diamonds that have not been ironed have been torn together, and check whether the rhinestone on the clothes is firm. If it has not been completely hot, you can put hot fix tape back and continue heating with new pics.

6. If the fifth step is passed, after tearing off the hot fix tape, our heat transfer printing will be burnt to the clothes in good condition.


Special note: If you do not have heat transfer printing experience, please use loose diamonds or gifts to try ironing on other similar fabrics first, and follow the standard hot drilling method to adjust the temperature and time of small diamond, to avoid scalding clothes and products.




Ironing patch patterns can be washed with water, and can be used with general washing powder and detergent. When washing, turn the side with the drill drawing inward, and do not rub the surface of the hot drilling hard.



Please add a protective cloth for ironing clothes on the cloth and pattern when pressing and ironing on the cloth that is not resistant to climax.

When the iron is pressed down, the force should be even, and do not push the iron.

Be careful not to directly iron the back glue with an iron.

Some materials cannot be heated by iron, but Glue should be used for individual purposes.

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