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4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers

4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers

4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers 4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers 4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers 4007S-02 Feng Pei pets cat dog nail clippers nail clippers
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  • Updated: 2015-08-07 14:57
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Pet supplies,pet brush,pet collar,traction rope,pet clothes,pet toys,pet mouth sets,pet accessories
Contacts: JaneChat
Mobile: 86-17336738809
E-mail: fp004@fppet.net
WeChat: 17336738809
Address: 63178,63248, 7 Street, 2 F, North Gate Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5).





warm tip:

don't cut too much of a nail. Whenever you cut off almost one-third the length of the can! Then a mill for grinding OK!

must give Gou Goujian a regular nail! Cause: If the nails are too long, not only will slip, also hides the bacterium. Long toenails also into foot wall, causing inflammation of toes or toenails crack, cause foot pain, especially long-term dogs and cats indoors to note! also, trim nail trim nail tip number to start slowly, do not just "straight" (PS: this is not only bad cut, but also easy to hurt your dog)! And the best choice in the light of the local shear.

1) blade Fengrui, please be careful. Please hold the handle when not in use, push block on switches, fingernail Clippers hand checks.

2) a pet with a deep color of the nail should be able to see the tiny blood vessels from the bottom of the nail. If you have any questions, please consult a professional groomer.

3) outside use do not use pet care. 4
) stored in the hands of children less than the place.

5) don't put in the place where the bed or chair is easy to cause damage.

maintenance method:

can not be used with hot water disinfection and exposure to gasoline, thinner, alcohol and other liquids.

avoid wet state and humid environment. After use should be cleaned in time


Feng Pei pet supplies is located in famous small commodities, Yiwu Ocean-Yiwu China, Shanghai in the East, and transportation and logistics is very convenient. Specializing in the production and sales of pet collars, pet leashes, pet thoracodorsal, dog bowls, pet jewelry, pet bags, pet hair, pet cleaning products, pet pad, pet toys, pet food, pet cages, pet care products and other products, products meet national standards, deeply domestic and foreign distributors and consumers of all ages. The company was founded in 2008, has been more than 8 years of professional production of pet products, the company's products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Australia, Britain, France and other countries and regions, enjoy a high reputation and reputation. We are focused on product quality and customer satisfaction-oriented purpose, responsible for the production of high quality under the meticulous production process control, inspection staff, exquisite workmanship, quality and stability of products, on time delivery, good service, is your ideal choice for pet supplies partners investigated! Our company principles, reputation, we welcome customers at home and abroad and to establish long-term, good, sincere cooperation and seek common development, we will be happy to provide you with the highest quality products and services!

Contact person: Mr Wang
Telephone: 86-0579-85199526
Mobile phone: 15355378384
Fax: 86-0579-85190687
Address: China Yiwu international trade city, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, 44th men g 10 Street, second floor, 15458
Zip code: 322000
The company's home page:


1 After sending the goods, will be the first time change order status, please visit Alibaba is based on a single query tracking status. 2. After you receive the goods, please confirm the payment. Product images are for reference only, product update or improve quality, part configuration, colors, styles, and are subject to change without prior notice, orders are subject to physical. 3. all prices are subject to marked to the market price, according to raw material rise in commodity prices to fall, without prior notice. 4. If remittances did not receive the goods within 10 days, please send inquiries to avoid accidents. Customers confirm payment after receipt of goods, this deal is complete. 5. after receipt if you have any questions you can contact you for customer service, to provide you with better service. 6. returns instructions-customer check the quantity and quality of goods within 3 days of receipt of the goods, problems can be timely feedback to after-sales customer service. Arrival after 3 days without objection, as a transaction is completed. The ground of subjective satisfaction, imagination, practically no quality problem returned, inadmissible. Shipments are carefully checked before professional packaging, such as shipping damage or quality problem return shipping charges borne by the buyer!

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