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Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale 中文版|

Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale

Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale Yiwu creative knife knife cutting tools wholesale
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  • Updated: 2015-12-16 08:44
  • About Product:Factory Outlet, a large quantity of preferential prices, please contact; QQ:793731233; Ali Wang Wang (China station): Ya-ling stationery store: 0579-85164422 mobile: 13857978558
EXW Price:
Above 3600pcs   ¥ 2.00 /pc
720pcs ~3599pcs   ¥ 2.30 /pc
719pcs ~719pcs   ¥ 2.65 /pc
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Main Products: Ya Ling stationery, Qian Hong knife cut pencil sharpener, utility knife, pencil sharpener, scissors; Zhang Koizumi scissors, choppers, knife sets
Contacts: Yixin Fang
Mobile: 86-15267351040
E-mail: 15957977788@163.com
WeChat: fangyixin126
Address: 24422 , 13 Street, 2 F, 54 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 3).

"Pencil Sharpener"
"Pencil Sharpener"

"Pencil Sharpener"

Ordering process:
1, I plant a self-developed products: the need for product details, please contact online sales. We will then provide a detailed quotation and corresponds to the picture to you. When selected, sampling, the samples, samples, visit, signing contracts, arrangements for production.
2, you provide a picture or design artwork: we can mold proofing in accordance with your requirements (mold, proofing costs may contact online business assistance), quotes, samples, samples, visit, signing contracts, arrangements for production.
3, note: due to different factories and shops, cannot stock we basically do not have the cash, you need to order, before mass production, to cause you any inconvenience, please forgive me!
4, shipping:
this company product mainly in the metal products, plastic products, due to the purchase area near differ, therefore, when you order a product, first get in touch with us, contact the shipping method, the shipping company you need to wait, according to the actual shipping charge.

Guarantees and price declarations:
all of the products the website belongs to the products of our factory developed, if your company provides products and design, we shall not be upload sites, confidential product information for you. Would not recommend it to other customers. Please rest assured. Price, please contact our online sales, offering a complete quotation for you. Found a quote in connection with this Web site a price above the margin of error, please quote shall prevail (because the price list will be updated periodically, site fails to supply timely, please forgive me)
1. General customer enquiry, please provide detailed product information, such as pictures, size, quantity, packaging requirements, and so on, In order to offer us the most accurately most reasonable price, if you can provide samples for more complex products better.
Due to the various styles, some products may not be similar products of our factory, as long as customers provide detailed information or sample, we can make exactly the same product. (Specific contact business staff.
2. quotes online is for informational purposes only, we will quote us your best price according to the style and quantity
proof that
for a long time, due to the perennial plant to provide customers samples, resulting in greatly increased production costs, so our new policy rules, without prior cooperation between the client, to receive a certain amount of proofing. Want customers to understand. Proofing time generally 5-7 day.
Sending samples that
customers paid proofing costs without sending samples of courier charges.

Sample charge I will plant a symbolic fee for sending samples of courier charges are to be collected. If final orders, refund sample charges and courier fees
on time,
fast same day shipping (spot), custom-made product delivery depends on order quantity, factory production cycle to determine the specific contact business staff.

"Pencil Sharpener"
Our factory established in 96, mainly the production of "Ya-ling" brand high middle and low Pencil Sharpener, pencil sharpeners, scissors, utility knife, in order to ensure product quality as the first, in a similar industry to gain a good reputation in the market!
Product quality assurance, reasonable prices, welcome and trust by the broad masses of old and new customers, products are exported to all over the world. And with many domestic companies of foreign trade enterprises have maintained long-term cooperation partnership! according to different customer groups, according to the customer's requirements, client proofing produced the first time!
2012, I company determines future target market, outputs high quality of products, I company products than of is price, and service and speed; company always insisted adhering to "products specialization, and operating internationalization, and management scientific" of development concept, building perfect of domestic abroad marketing network, relies on Yiwu globalization of market sales platform, played "grew up do fine, and from fine do big" of enterprise spirit, do strong big.
The road of development, and we look forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!
"Pencil Sharpener"
Person: Jiang Yujuan Lady (Marketing Manager)

Telephone: 86-0579-85164422

Mobile phone: 13857978558

Fax: 86-0579-85164422

Address: international trade city, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China H2-24422 storefront

Zip code: 322000

Company home page:http://www.yaling08.CN

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