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Energy saving lamp color tube half screw half screw Energy saving lamp quality is excellent 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2018-12-11 16:54
  • About Product:Origin: guangdong specific wattage style plus QQ quotation!
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1, light source is small, cheap, have a variety of lampshade form, and have the installation appliance of portable lamp rack, ceiling and wall and concealment device.
2, large versatility, color variety, with directional, scattering, diffuse and other forms.
3, can be used to enhance the three-dimensional sense of objects, incandescent lamp color light is the closest to the color of sunlight, color rendering is good, the spectrum is uniform and not abrupt. Incandescent lamps (including halogen lamps) have an excellent continuous and average spectrumIn colorThe advantage of; And fluorescent lamp, LED is dispersive spectrum, act chroma sex is low, act chroma sex illuminant not only can let a person feel color is not good-looking, to health and eyesight are harmful also. Traditional bulbs also have the advantages of adjustable light, point extinguishing resistance and mercury free. Incandescent bulbs have one advantage that most other types of luminescent products do not have: they are suitable for frequent startup situations.

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