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One-time five-lunchbox lunch box packing box 中文版|
One-time five-lunchbox lunch box packing box One-time five-lunchbox lunch box packing box One-time five-lunchbox lunch box packing box One-time five-lunchbox lunch box packing box
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  • Updated: 2020-04-13 10:56
  • About Product:This thing on our old good, quality of Gaga, and are less expensive, are fellow, never a fool you, you can rest assured that you should share more of a good thing, if good, help us bring repeat customers.
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Yingjia Tableware Firm
Main Products: Tableware, lunch box, snack box, takeout box, plastic knife, fork and spoon, plastic cup, paper plate, paper bowl, disposable lunch box, disposable cold drink cup
Contacts: Yang Junhua
Mobile: 057981533141
E-mail: yw14694@163.com
Address: 34393, 4 Street, 2F, 75 Gate, E1-International Trade Mart (District 4),Yiwu,China
Brand: Ningbo fangli Item no: 8988 Material: pp
Origin: Taizhou Shape: square Insulation: no
Microwave oven: available Style: Chinese Pattern: solid color
Applicable people: for adults Trade properties: grass hither For gift-giving occasions: inauguration | | | wedding anniversary birthday celebration
Print LOGO: no Customized processing: Yes Time to market: summer 2013
Price: less than 5 Yuan Category: boxes One-time: Yes
Is there a patent: no Capacity: 301-500ML Box number: Red checkered | red cells to the left to the right

Product specifications: upper width 17.5cm catchy 22.2cm tall 2.4cm wide 15cm (manual measurement, if there are errors please prevail in kind)

Product material: end environmentally friendly PP material, the cover in order to prevent fogging BOPS

Product features: microwave (Please remove the cover again in the microwave), cold heat-resistant, appearance and can be used for take-out and fast food!

This plastic boxes are used for holding food


"What kind of lunch boxes are the real green lunch box"

Uniform, color, texture, feel good, the intensity is high;

Second, containing hot and cold food distributed free from abnormal odour;

Three, easy to recycle and use or environmental degradation;

Four, harmless to environment and human health, meet the national food safety standards;

Five, do you know which features fake green lunch boxes?

1, soft touch, rub off the ground, tore up the broken, smell the pungent and spluttering eyes;

2, a qualifying product heavy, cheap, such as the common meter boxes in 15G above, prices generally below 0.12 Yuan;

3, the product's surface is "degradable lunch boxes," "green lunch box", "urban environment", the words ", in fact, is not necessarily environmentally friendly

Six, you know why the market really environmentally-friendly lunch boxes and fake environmentally meal box?

Green lunch boxes of high cost and eco-friendly lunch box costs low, some manufacturers subject to conflict of interest, regardless of the health of consumers, remain contrary to the regulations of the State standards for the production and sale of fake green lunch boxes.

"Environmental protection tableware-what are the different types of"

Disposable tableware by source of raw materials, production processes, degradation and recovery levels are divided into the following three categories:

1, biodegradable types: paper products (molded pulp, paperboard coated type), edible powder molding, fiber molded type, etc;

2, light/biodegradable materials: light/biodegradable plastic (non-foaming), such as bio-degradable PP classes;

3, easy to recycle materials: polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), natural inorganic mineral-filled polypropylene composites products.

"If environmental protection tableware is degradable tableware"

No. Environmental protection tableware includes easy to recycle, easy handling and easy to dissolve (degradation), 3 types of degradation is just one. Degradation is to recycle the supplementary, that is, when a certain packaging materials after use to recycling or recovery of low value, you can consider the use of biodegradable packaging.

"Degradable tableware are not recycled"

No. Any material should not carelessly discarded, should actively improve the classification and recycling, reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution. Even biodegradable products, also needs to be properly disposed of or utilized, leaving specific environmental factors on degradation speed of products and degradation products are unfounded. pp



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