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Czech rhinestones imported from The Czech Republic are fresh out of The oven 中文版
Czech rhinestones imported from The Czech Republic are fresh out of The oven Czech rhinestones imported from The Czech Republic are fresh out of The oven Czech rhinestones imported from The Czech Republic are fresh out of The oven
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  • Updated: 2020-06-10 10:05
  • Baby material is tough, light weight, durable and not easy to break, no static pure color, is your good helper hair.
EXW Price:
Above 24pcs   ¥ 12.00 /pc
12pcs ~23pcs   ¥ 14.00 /pc
1pcs ~11pcs   ¥ 16.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Anxuer Ornament
Main Products: Specializing in the production of Korean edition set with diamonds, crystal hair ornaments, support small wholesale, taobao supply bulk batch can also be customized
Contacts: BaiXueJing
Mobile: 86-13515893889
E-mail: 904376117@qq.com
WeChat: 13515893889
Address: 103070 A, 3 Street, 3 F, 3 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1) - East.
Address: Zone 1, Yiwu International Trade City, Shopping and Tourism Area, Yiwu International Trade City, Futian Street, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province


Product information

[Product name] : Korean version set diamond duck clip

[Product model] : JYZ-72 duck clip

[Product size] : about 12CM shall be subject to the physical object

[Product material] : high quality acrylic sheet, imported Czech rhinestone, environmental glue.

[Product color] : Mulan + Rose, dark coffee + champagne, dark purple + light purple, Mulan + champagne, red seven colors can be customized colors

Product display


Product introduction

 Beautiful woman amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, beautiful hair is acted the role of also be the same, the person of line of bright water drill is colourful light 4 shoot, give you grace smooth. Even if the ordinary features have her foil, will also shine out beautiful. Ancher ornaments make your favorite hair ornaments, there are like new and old customers hurry to hit the list! Welcome to Ancher store every time, our products will be constantly updated. Dear, don't miss me when I pass by!

Products use

 1. Avoid chemicals: Avoid acidic substances and chemicals such as soap, soap, setting water, bleach, hot water, sea water, etc     

2. Don't wear it when bathing, because it is used in bathingSoap, hot water and other hair accessories should be kept away from acidic substances and chemicals 3. It is not appropriate to wear hair accessories while sleeping. Wearing hair accessories while sleeping will cause hair accessories damage, which will hinder the circulation of the body and is not conducive to metabolism 

4. When storing hair accessories, it is advisable to store each piece of hair accessories separately. It is better to wrap them in small flannelette bags to prevent hair accessories from rubbing against other objects  

5. Do not wear it when exercising perspiration, because of the salt and acid secretion in sweat, avoid contact with acid, acid will make the hair surface chemical reaction and luster   

6.Wipe hair accessories with a soft cloth. After each wear, wipe the residual sweat and dust on the hair accessories with a soft cloth to keep hair accessories clean and beautiful

After-sales service

1. After the customer pays (places an order), the manufacturer will arrange shipment as soon as possible, and the freight incurred shall be borne by the customerBe responsible for; When the inventory is insufficient, both parties shall negotiate the specific delivery time.

2. There will be a special person responsible for the shipment, generally no mistake, but can not guarantee 100%, if you find damaged or out of stock after receiving the goods, please contact us within 48 hours, we will verify for you and properly deal with.

3. Ancher will repair all goods sold in our shop free of charge, but will not be responsible for the freight; Those that cannot be repaired will be given reasonable instructions to the customer. Requirements for goods returned to the factory for repair:

     1.) Be repairable; 

     2.) Accessories should be relatively complete, and the original appearance of the product can be restored.

Shopping need to know

1. Ancher jewelry factory is mainly engaged in (head) jewelry wholesale, all products are made by hand, different batches of products may have differences, small defects can not be avoided, for the quality of very demanding customers please move to his home!

2. New customers need to make payment before delivery after negotiating the transaction price with the merchant. Reputable old customers can adopt the appropriate payment method agreed by both parties after negotiation with the merchant. Ancher refused to do any business with clients who did not have credibility.

3. About off color: Ann cher adorn article always in line with the idea of \"using carefully to do high-quality goods\" is committed to provide the best quality service for the general customers, but due to some force majeure influence, such as the upstream manufacturers and various batches display differences and in the process of pictures of the product and do figure, slight color deviation is likely to lead to the product. As a manufacturer, we will try our best to reduce this difference, but it cannot be completely avoided, please forgive me! Please refer to the material object for specific color.


Telephone: 13515893889,15988524284; White lady

QQ: 904376117 (Ancher ornaments)点击这里给我发消息

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