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Ceramic Coffee Mill Coffee Coffee Grinder 中文版

Ceramic Coffee Mill Coffee Coffee Grinder

Ceramic Coffee Mill Coffee Coffee Grinder Ceramic Coffee Mill Coffee Coffee Grinder Ceramic Coffee Mill Coffee Coffee Grinder
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  • Updated: 2021-09-07 11:10
  • About Product:The coffee grinder is used to grind coffee beans. The coffee grinder adopts ceramic grinding core, the thickness adjustment nut, the thickness adjustment, the thickness of the ground ground coffee is even, ceramic grinding core, grinding will not generate heat, to better maintain the mellow and rich aroma of coffee beans, it is necessary for home coffee.
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100pcs ~499pcs   CN ¥ 27 /pcs
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Above 1000pcs   CN ¥ 21 /pcs
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[Name] antique boutique cast iron sealed pot coffee mill

[Material] Beech + cast iron + ceramic mold core

[Features]]1. Sealed can-type lower seat keeps the freshness of coffee better

2. Adjustable thickness card strip“L type" change“Z type elastic card strip"


1. When grinding with coffee grinder, don't grind too much at a time, just enough weight for one use, the longer the coffee grinder is used, the more likely it is to heat up, indirectly, the aroma of coffee beans will be released in advance due to heating during the grinding process, which will affect the aroma of coffee after cooking;

2. In the process of grinding, do not shake too much, should rotate gently, as far as possible so that the grinding core does not produce heat of friction;

3. After each use, it is OK to wipe the sealed tank outside coffee grinder with a wet cloth. The movement does not need to be cleaned. Use a special brush. If it is not used for a long time, when you use it next time, just dump the front ground coffee a little;

manual grinding machine small knowledge of adjustment: (bean grinder is a simple appliance without instructions. Please adjust the thickness according to the following steps)

1. Please put the nut, rocker handle and the center of the coffee grinder in sequence. L remove the type holder;

2. Lift the central screw with one hand, and gently rotate the Gear nut piece clockwise to a slightly tight degree with the other hand. Please be careful not to rotate too tightly to avoid damaging the internal structure of the machine parts;

3. Set back L type Holder, the long handle end of the holder stuck the groove of any Gear nut piece, and used it as the zero mark of grinding degree;

4. A groove of the Gear nut piece is regarded as a grid;

5. Rotate the Gear nut piece counterclockwise2~5 grid, its grinding thickness is suitable for Italian coffee machine and mocha coffee pot;
rotate the Gear nut piece counterclockwise6~8 grid, its grinding thickness is suitable for American coffee maker, hand punching and filter pressure coffee pot;
rotate the Gear nut piece counterclockwise9~11 grid, its grinding thickness is suitable for plug-in coffee pot (siphon pot);

6. Grinding fineness can be fine-tuned according to personal taste and cooking habits. The above instructions are for reference only;

7. After adjusting the grinding degree, put the rocker handle and nut in sequence and tighten it to start grinding beans.;

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