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Purple inflatable sofa bed and bed lazy adult children sleeping bag folding drifting outdoor artifact 中文版| Report Item
Purple inflatable sofa bed and bed lazy adult children sleeping bag folding drifting outdoor artifact Purple inflatable sofa bed and bed lazy adult children sleeping bag folding drifting outdoor artifact Purple inflatable sofa bed and bed lazy adult children sleeping bag folding drifting outdoor artifact
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  • Updated: 2018-09-04 15:58
  • 240x70cm fast inflatable lazy sleeping bag
EXW Price:
Above 500pcs   ¥ 38.00 /pc
20pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 40.00 /pc
1pcs ~19pcs   ¥ 45.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Origin: Yiwu Zhejiang Item: ywld011 Brand: Yiwu snow pigeon
Weight: 1.5kg Maximum load: 200kg Specification (length * width): 260X70cm
A surface material: Oxford cloth Color: purple, red, pink, pink, black, blue, black, blue Length: 260X70cm
Product category: inflatable bed

lazy fast inflatable sleeping bag

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2016 latest lazy inflatable sofa

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190D polyester / polyester / 210D Oxford cloth Oxford cloth 210T various Plaid

Material of various colors can be customized

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[inflatable sofa, convenient and comfortable]

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Name: air sofa (couch couch)

Material 1:210T Plaid +PE liner (best material) (export quality!!!
material 2:210T polyester Oxford +PE liner (best) (inquiry surprise!!! )

material 3:210D polyester oxford cloth + PE liner (the price low price high)

material 4:190T polyester oxford cloth + PE liner (custom orders)

Material: 5:190D polyester Oxford +PE liner (conventional take the amount of foreign trade orders required)

Material 6: high density Nylon + PE bag (can be customized)

Stores the main product information
[the product ingredient]: Oxford cloth material sc190d (Senior polyester fabric) + PE bag
[number]: two layers of
[single product size]: tile 240*75cm, and the storage size 39*17cm, inflatable: 190*70*50

packing number: 20 carton: 55,40,40

Color: bright red, rose red, blue, yellow, green fluorescence, purple, pink, green, orange red, black, brown (as required in large quantities order need other colors can contact our customer service view color and panchromatic were)

Net weight: 0.8KG

Suitable place: indoor and outdoor can be placed in relatively flat on the ground such as grass, sand, cement, marble and other
attention matters: away from the burning material, avoid sharp objects
: (inflating a about the use of about 1 day) the extent of the leak look at the skills, skilled can keep not leak,
tips: feeling flat A, seal to Volume 2 laps, and can continue to use

Method of use:

1 recommended outdoor operation, take sleeping bags from the cloth pocket, open the bag out.

2. Preferably with breeze weather. Foreign test are breeze weather, open the pocket facing the wind, wind more direct in situ wind filled the air. If little wind please straight-line trot 10 meters can be full of 70-80% air, after rolling sealing, persuasion internal air fullness 100% so far, after the sealing strips with a bayonet fold lock can be.


volumetric note: remember not to in filling the gas carrying circling the pocket for a ride, because the pocket is very long, not suitable for circular drive, tripping over themselves to easy.

. Sealing roll up note: when roll seal must be aligned force roll tightly, until the volume does not move so far, this pocket inflatable will be full. And when the volume must be as smooth as possible! Otherwise, it is not beautiful, but also easy to lock the seal after the leak from the seal may be!

3. Sealing a roll up plastic bags on: our product inner layer PE bag and foreign original sealing way to maintain consistency, did not do any changes: seal seals on both sides of the inward rolled up the plastic bag roll into, is generally ring can be 1-2, oneself can be in the use of process control. If in the process of using improper operation, resulting in plastic bags out, please don't worry, you can roll into again.

Super bearing 300KG!! 4 adults sit on no leakage damage. Multicolor optional manufacturers selling a large quantity of excellent price!

Green lazy inflatable sofa








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