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EXCEED 110kw oil free screw air compressor 中文版|
EXCEED 110kw oil free screw air compressor EXCEED 110kw oil free screw air compressor EXCEED 110kw oil free screw air compressor
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  • Updated: 2017-10-16 16:46
  • About Product:EXCEED 110kw oil free screw air compressor, and the supra-national level energy efficiency 5.5kW-315kw. Hongwuhuan the national distribution center in Yiwu-Yiwu international capital goods market, 2 Building 4 District 4 Street 20499 Phone WhatsApp Wechat:0086 181 6701 6615 Email:dieselcompressor@yahoo.com
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Oil-free screw air compressor 

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5.5kw → 315kw




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110kW technical parameters

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    • Model: WSA-110
    • Working pressure: 0.8Mpa;
    •  power: 110kW ;
    • Displacement: 19.97M3/min
      • Product advantages
      • ★ High performance motor, and screw the hosts directly-connected

        ★ Oil-free screw extruder, maintenance-free, life 15 Year

        ★ Maintenance super save money, only traditional screw air compressor 10 %

      • --------------------------------------
      • Pressure: 1.0Mpa;displacement: 16.66m3/min
      • Pressure: 1.25Mpa;displacement: 15.56m3/min
      • --------------------------------------

      ★ ① maintenance just replaced air filter, water filter, consisting of pure water.

    • 1 300-900 screw air compressor maintenance

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Video Oil-

Wholesale Shenzhen Ottoman screw 10-kilowatt oil-free air compressor 1 cu 7.5W oil-free air compressor 
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Physical display
Phone: 0086 181 6701 6615 
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Products real shot diagram 


① moisture separator-all 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. 

II-excellent for axial fans centrifugal fans, low vibration, low noise. 

③ Intelligent AC contactor-ABB, sensitive, and reliable. 

④ cooler – pure copper material, heat well. 

⑤ import monitor-a clear, convenient and thoughtful 

⑥ Air end

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Oil-free screw extruder

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★- Oil-free screw air compressor maintenance = screw air compressor machine "10%" and just change my water filter ① ② air filter 

★- Host 5-year warranty, long life


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Wholesale Shenzhen Ottoman screw 10-kilowatt oil-free air compressor 1 cu 7.5kW oil-free air compressor 

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Hongwuhuan 110kw oil free air compressor

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