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New luminous badges fluorescent badges New Year 's eve party night light badges KTV running luminous badges 中文版
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  • Updated: 2018-06-08 13:24
  • Suggested retail price: $8.00 brand: no material: PP process: high frequency thermal bonding processing custom: no props categories: luminous badge printing LOGO: whether can patent sources: If no import: no size: Blue light (routine without LOGO, a single bag), red emission (routine without LOGO, a single bag), orange glow (routine without LOGO, a single bag), green light (routine without LOGO, a single bag), Yellow glow (routine without LOGO, a single bag), pink (routine without LOGO, a single bag), emitting light colors color mixed, single bags, LOGO
EXW Price:
Above 60000pcs   ¥ 1.80 /pc
600pcs ~59999pcs   ¥ 1.90 /pc
5pcs ~599pcs   ¥ 2.10 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Lanxi Mingliang Toys Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Fluorescent stick, fluorescent glasses, fluorescent bracelet, fluorescent props, luminous toys, such as cotton pulled sand toys
Contacts: luo yuyuan
Mobile: 18758925523
E-mail: Ella@niceglow.cn
WeChat: 18758925523 添加请说义乌购上看到
Address: 2019, 5 Street, 1F, 13 Gate, D-International Trade Mart (District 1),Yiwu,China
Address: Hengxi Town Industrial Park, Lanxi City



















1. The method of use: with different liquid glo-sticks by plastic pipe and glass tube of two parts, when using the glo-sticks gently bending, broken glass tube of plastic pipe, gently shake the glass tube and plastic pipe of two liquid mix, in order to achieve better light effect.
2. Luminescence time: the luminescence time of the fluorescent rod is 4-12 hours, and the length of luminescence time is inversely proportional to the ambient temperature and inversely proportional to the initial brightness.

According to the glo-sticks all of these features, we put has illuminated the glo-sticks in low temperature environment (such as refrigerators, freezers), can inhibit our two liquids in chemical reactions, take out after may continue to use.
3. Safety: after testing by professional institutions, the chemicals used by the fluorescent rod are non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive and non-inflammable and explosive articles before and after the reaction.
4. Transportation and preservation: during the transportation and preservation of fluorescent rods, high temperature exposure and gravity impact or fall should be avoided. To avoid affecting the luminous time and luminance of the fluorescent rod, and to avoid breaking the glass tube in the rod so that the rod glows in advance, causing the rod to fail.

 5. Product colors: currently available colors are big red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink, which are commonly used colors. You can choose any color you want when you buy. Still can make order: white, because it is not commonly used color, so need a large amount of ability to make order!
6. Product USES: lighting and decoration of concert, ballroom, birthday, party, wedding, banquet, party, festival, celebration, outing, camping, etc.; Because our belongs to the chemical luminescence, no heat and radiation, do not need to use the power or other energy sources, so especially suitable for: diving, rescue, exploration, field, such as high altitude and dangerous operations environment. It is widely used in bars, concerts and various large-scale celebrations, bringing more wonderful things to people's life. The glow sticks are used in many festivals around the country, such as ghost festivals, carnival and Christmas. Domestic countries regulate guest statutory holidays, especially National Day.


 Note: the liquid in the fluorescent rod is not edible and has certain adhesion. If leakage, easy to contaminate furniture, floor, clothing, skin, etc., if any of the above situations must be promptly cleaned; If the liquid in the rod enters the eye, wash it with clean water or seek medical advice.

 Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to break the plastic pipe of the fluorescent rod with a knife or scissors. Excessive bending of the fluorescent rod is strictly prohibited to prevent liquid leakage in the rod. Do not break the plastic pipe of the fluorescent rod with a knife or sharp tool. Do not follow the fashion and apply the liquid in the stick to your body. In particular, children should not be allowed to eat by mistake.

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