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Simulation yulan branch Simulation big leaves Simulation apple tree leaves Simulation apple tree branches factory direct sales 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2019-08-18 15:23
  • About Product:Material: cloth process: injection customize: is the product number: jade lotus type: hanging flower packaging: 12 whether patent sources: if no import: no color: Trigeminal red yulan, only a pack of 12 according to the multiple shoot 12 【 trigeminal green yulan under 12 multiple shoot 】 [only a pack of 12, 5 red fork yulan, Only a pack of 12 according to the multiple shoot 12 【 five fork green yulan under 12 multiple shoot 】 [12 only a pack of PE, PE
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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[name] : imitation magnolia leaves 


【 material 】 : silk cloth trigeminal Large leaves 18 cm X10 cm Lobe 15 cm X10 cm leaflet 11 cm X9 cm


[attention] (factory direct selling price) 12 pieces a dozen single branches are not sold


[specification]; It is about 70 centimeters long 


【 function 】 : garden decoration






五叉花纹黄边芒果 副本











Buyer's notes:
The postage is that Default yunda logistics/superior logistics

[express delivery] in the case of no more than 1 kg in jiang, zhejiang and hu, the express cost shall be 6 yuan within the first kg, and 2 yuan per kg for the additional weight;
For capital cities other than jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai (except the following provinces), the first weight shall be RMB 10 yuan, and the second weight shall be RMB 10 yuan/kg.
The expenses for Inner Mongolia, liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang, hainan, guizhou, yunnan, guangxi, Tibet, gansu, qinghai, ningxia and xinjiang shall be RMB 15 yuan per kilogram for the first weight and RMB 12 yuan per kilogram for the subsequent weight.
Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas will be discussed separately according to market conditions.
[E postal treasure EMS] the cost of EMS is 15 yuan if no more than 1 jin, and the additional weight is 2-10 yuan per jin (calculated according to the distance of the place).
[EMS] the cost of EMS is 20 yuan if no more than 1 jin, and the additional weight is 9 to 25 yuan per jin (calculated according to the distance of the place).
[supplementary notes to express delivery]
1. EMS freight shown by our baby refers to the cost of e-postal treasure (in view of the difference between e-postal treasure and EMS, taobao has a detailed explanation, please check by yourself or call 11185 for information).
2. The county, town and village level unit that express cannot reach, please do not shoot express, general express cannot arrive, please choose EMS.

The above price is special remind 】 【 pay a price, now the site default YunDa express delivery, if you need other Courier, please customers special specifications, according to the express the actual charge. Please don't say me XXX express is very cheap, XXKG is how much these things, because we are long-term cooperation with shentong, other Courier will be higher than that of shentong, less special instructions!

[about color difference] ---- all pictures in our shop are taken in real objects. Due to different light, angles, environments and monitors, there may be a little deviation between the real objects and the pictures. Please refer to the received real objects as the standard. The request material object and the picture are identical, to the color request exorbitantly MM and GG, please be careful to buy! We do not accept the request to return or replace the goods due to color difference. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

[about size] ---- -- before purchasing, please read the description and size of the baby carefully. Please do not judge the size of the baby by the feeling of the picture. So we must pay attention to the size and size of the baby, it is best to use effective tools to measure, confirm after purchase), after taking the baby that you have no objection to the size of the baby! Do not accept the reason that the size of the baby is not suitable, did not read the description of the baby as the reason for the return of goods. If you shed the leaves, we will not make any reply to you. Please don't make unreasonable demands.

[about receiving] ---- -- before signing for the goods, please carefully check whether the package is damaged or not. If there is any damage, please contact our customer service, or refuse to sign. And ask the express staff to provide proof, otherwise we cannot claim for compensation from the express company for your loss. On the contrary, it means that you have no objection to the goods. If there are any other problems in the process of receiving the goods, please contact us in time, and we will give you a satisfactory reply within the limited time. If the goods are lost or missing, we will not reply to you. Please understand.


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