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Silica gel breast paste breast patch, invisible bra, anti - protruding spot, small chest tiptop spot wholesale. 中文版| Report Item
Silica gel breast paste breast patch, invisible bra, anti - protruding spot, small chest tiptop spot wholesale. Silica gel breast paste breast patch, invisible bra, anti - protruding spot, small chest tiptop spot wholesale. Silica gel breast paste breast patch, invisible bra, anti - protruding spot, small chest tiptop spot wholesale.
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  • Updated: 2018-04-16 11:03
  • About Product:Supplies category: does spot support OEM: support support contract: support functions: stealth material: a strapless whether inventory: no breasts stick shape: circular brands: but nong good processing cycle: 60: can stick a card revised minimum quantity: 100000 (a) worked with brand: but nong good post card objects: outside the single processing, taobao sellers, Tmall brand main sales channel, brand stores, the domestic market, Tmall, individual entities, whether taobao import: no color: round box, round but nong good color box, round with OC color box, flower shape but nong good color box, no box, flower heart 0 c color box, flower OC color box size: all yards
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Our milk paste diameter is 70MM!

(larger than most 60mm on the market, better adhesion)









From the latest technology in the United States, it is also the most natural silicone invisible bra in the world. The products are popular in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries!!! It is unbridled, soft, comfortable, natural, strapless and backless, and it can be completely invisible to your chest as your body temperature changes, leaving you unable to feel its presence. The most reasonable ergonomic cup shape will make your chest become bigger instantly, and instantly make your cleavage, cleavage and sexy!!! You can wear a transparent, hollow out outfit, strapless, backless outfit, the outfit that SHOW a shoulder, no matter how you, no matter how thin you clothes, also will not run, how to SHOW love, how was the SHOW!!!!!!



Walking, dance will produce real movement, and the human body is natural, the outsider can only see your beauty, but can not see the inside of the universe. Because of the high tech citations, both visual and tactile, they are the same.




Use more than 150 times.


Material: Germany imported silica gel.


Style: plum, round.


Color: skin color


Size: 70mm in diameter, completely covered, absolutely no dew point embarrassment.


Fashionable, sexy, elegant, comfortable.
This product is made of imported medical silica gel, anti - sensitive biological agent and international advanced production process. It is suitable for all kinds of skin, and has no allergy or irritation to human skin. Nipples are rich in nerve endings and the lactiferous duct clusters, female 10 hours a day on average have to wear underwear, then affects the body beautiful, such as all size is too large or too small size is bound to the chest, the nipple and areola enough oxygen, greatly influenced the nipple and areola were the colour and lustre, even dangerous the breast health nipple on the unique in the air, the design of oxygen, which can cover the nipple and areola color, but also to the nipples bumps, caress the nipple beauty and health, especially women, dressed in a thin, transparent, sexy fashion don't wear a bra when the best partner.


Washing method:
1. Hold the cup with the palm of one hand, add a little warm water and a small amount of neutral soap on the inside of the cup (do not use the nourishing soap with cream);
Gently clean the circle with the palm of the other hand. Be careful not to use your nails to avoid shaving cups;
2. Wash the soap with warm water, gently shake off the excess water, and dry the outer surface of the cup.
3. Please do not wash with washing machine or brush, fingertips and any detergent, which will cause permanent damage to the adhesive layer.
4. After cleaning, only clean it in a clean ventilation place. Do not wipe with toilet paper or towel, and avoid excessive dust and dust on the surface when blowing dry. Note that the inside of the cup is covered with a transparent lid.


You can choose between two exquisite packages.

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