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Silicone insert bra insert small chest insert can be sent. 中文版| Report Item
Silicone insert bra insert small chest insert can be sent. Silicone insert bra insert small chest insert can be sent.
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  • Updated: 2018-04-16 09:36
  • Suggested retail price: $28.00 source category: does spot support OEM: support support contract: support for the brand: but nong good brand item no: 8001 product categories: breast pad/insert material: silicone emulsion stick shape: other styling details: color and soft smooth: the thickness of thin section whether foreign trade: is whether inventory: no processing cycle: 7-15: can stick a card revised minimum quantity: 1000 (a) worked with brand: but nong good post card objects: the single processing, taobao sellers, the day the cat brand, domestic well-known brand main sales channel, brand stores, domestic shopping malls, supermarkets, day cat, individual entities, whether taobao import:
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Above 120pairs   ¥ 6.00 /pair
10pairs ~119pairs   ¥ 7.00 /pair
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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贝贝硅胶隐形文胸 硅胶胸贴 上薄下厚 立体聚拢文胸 代理加盟
Baby silicone bra silicone breast implants with a thin, thick, stereoscopic bra agent.
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RMB 600
淘宝爆款隐形硅胶胸贴 无肩带胸罩超黏婚纱文胸彩盒包装隐形内衣
Taobao hot style invisible silicone breast padded bra strap bra super sticky wedding bra color box wrap invisibility underwear.
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RMB 600
The new environment-friendly imported silicone breast pads insert the necessary bra pads for women's low-cut dresses.
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RMB 600
新款三角硅胶胸垫 文胸隐形垫内衣插片聚拢上托平胸福音厂家直销
The new triangle silicone breast pads hidden underwear inserts are inserted into the support of the Gospel manufacturers.
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RMB 600
新款 蜂窝生物胶 超透气芒果隐形文胸无痕防走光薄款婚纱隐形内衣
New honeycomb biogel ultra breathable mango invisible bra seamless wear - proof underwear.
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RMB 600
Lala goddess pull B invisible bra wedding dress bra with silicone breast padded bra without strapless bra.
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RMB 600
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Free color box packing


Secret Japanese color box packing.



1. Please place the dumpling mat in the appropriate position under the underwear when wearing, so that the breast can be shaped to concentrate the plump effect. Please remember to confirm the height of the breasts on both sides.

It seems thatNatural oh.

2When you want to create a cleavage curve in the breast, you can also place it at the far end of the chest, so that it can create a natural shadow of the chest.Effect,

especiallyOn collocationA low-cut top or dress.

It is the focus of attention.


[maintenance description]
If there is a sweat, gently rinse with warm water and neutral bath milk, clean the cotton cloth and then put back in the box to protect the silicone from deformation.

Avoid storing silicone breast pads in high temperature and low temperature environments.
What can I do for you? The makeup cotton piece is placed in the silicone breast pad fixing box to absorb water vapor.
It is designed to clean and reuse and keep clean.
Please do not use bleach water to extend the service life.
It can be used in a swimsuit (bikini), but it is best to put it in a swimsuit with an inside lining, and slightly fix it to avoid falling out when swimming.
Please stop using it if there is any abnormality. Consult a dermatologist or expert for assistance.



[cleaning method]
It is convenient to clean, so as long as 30 degrees below warm water soak 10 minutes, gently knead can, the nature is dry, do not have sunlight to burn :)



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