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Silica gel invisible bra bride's wedding dress bra without strapless silicone breast tape. 中文版| Report Item
Silica gel invisible bra bride's wedding dress bra without strapless silicone breast tape. Silica gel invisible bra bride's wedding dress bra without strapless silicone breast tape. Silica gel invisible bra bride's wedding dress bra without strapless silicone breast tape.
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  • Updated: 2018-04-16 11:02
  • Supplies category: spot brands: but nong good article number: high-quality goods loading support OEM: support support contract: support the fabric name: silica gel main fabric content: the content of viscose fabric content Lord: 80 (%) in the material composition: silica gel styles: stealth origin: guangzhou applicable people: young women style: sexy whether seamless: is whether there is steel ring: no rims design features: a chip, optical mask cup type: 3/4 cup mold cup type: BoMo cup shoulder belt type: a strapless double-breasted types: former buckles for seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn whether foreign trade: is whether inventory: the inventory types: whole single version: do not change
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Above 12pcs   ¥ 32.00 /pc
3pcs ~11pcs   ¥ 37.00 /pc
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Unique upper and lower thickness design.

Make your chest more, more attractive, more sexy and charming!


The softness of the material is very good, and the fitting is not cheap. Health is the most important! Material good, is the key of effect!


No invisible bra!


The weight is so light that you can hardly feel it!


1. Color: skin color/transparent color /.


        2. Gram weight: A170g. B190g C200g  



  3. Box rule: 36 pairs/cases


 5Please contact the seller for details.


Reference size table


Type aAverage bra size.A70;75;80;65 b,; applya.) no.
Type b
Average bra size.B70;75;80;65 c; Suitable forb) no.
Average bra size.C70;75;80;65 d; Suitable forc) no.




Product description:

Biological glue, no irritation and no allergy.

No matter what kind of dress is left no trace. Life clothes, banquet clothes, make your life more confident and radiant!

How to choose an invisible bra:
If you want to be realistic and fit, choose silica gel.
2. If you want to be light and breathable, choose cloth.
3. If you are between A and B, you are advised to wear A B cup, because the coating is large enough to cover the whole chest and move forward.
4. The invisible bra has no shoulder and no back button, so it is only related to the size of the cup, which is not related to the lower bust, so 32B,34B or 36B are all wearing B cups.
5. Bras, free straps and shoulder straps, make you free, but after a few minutes of wear, you will forget it's there, it is like didn't wear underwear at ease, have adjust the function of the underwear.
6. At present, the invisible underwear is made of imported silica gel raw materials, which pass the test of allergy and safety, which is safe.

1. Clean the skin. Gently remove dirt and grease from the skin and dry the excess water with a towel. Please do not use perfume, moisturizing lotion and other skin care products to keep the skin dry.
2. One by one. Stand in front of the mirror and bring the cup back to the end of the bra. At the desired height, press the edge of the cup with your finger to the chest. And put another in the same way.
3. Buckle the clasp. Gently press the two cups with both hands to stabilize them and then buckle the clasp.

Cleaning method:
1. Place the cup on the palm one by one, gently moisten it with water and then wash it with neutral soap. At the same time, with the other? Restore the emperor finally 'o Kong Yi?? & kappa. The horned house husk? Do not use your fingers? ?
2. Gently rinse the soap and residue with water, then gently dry the water.

1. If there is a foreign body, please gently remove it with the finger, and do not wipe it with a towel; Avoid clothing that is easy to remove.
2. Do not use nails or brushes when taking foreign objects.
3. Please do not use alcohol, bleach or cleaning when cleaning. ? All you need is warm water and neutral soap? ?
4. Do not remove the adhesive.

Recommendation: the way to express yourself:
If you want to emphasize the fullness of your breasts, please wear it on the high side of your chest. Purpose.?
If you want to highlight the cleavage, please try to separate the two cups from the distance, and then buckle up.

Tips:Underwear belongs to special goods, related to health problem, please determine the size and buy again. When the underwear is sold, non-quality issues will not be replaced.

Special reminder:Wearing an invisible bra for the first time may not get used to it, or it may not achieve the desired effect. It doesn't matter, wear a few more times, pay attention to the method, adjust the bra to the best position, will certainly make you satisfied! However, there are some special cases, such as severe small chest or severe flat chest MM, the invisible underwear may not be completely changed completely. However, it is OK to improve these shortcomings and achieve better results. :)

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