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creative folding rainbow umbrella-colored mini super light umbrellas printing LOGO. 中文版
creative folding rainbow umbrella-colored mini super light umbrellas  printing LOGO. creative folding rainbow umbrella-colored mini super light umbrellas  printing LOGO. creative folding rainbow umbrella-colored mini super light umbrellas  printing LOGO.
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  • Updated: 2021-03-10 21:25
  • Suggested retail price: $25.00 brand: whether the surplus capital imports: no umbrella cloth material: polyester silk umbrella cloth gluing: no umbrella cloth density: 170 t umbrella material: iron umbrella handle material: plastic rods in material: iron umbrella number: 8 bone design: thirty percent umbrella open mode: manual closed umbrella mode: manual: the article number of the rainbow umbrella printed LOGO: can be customized processing: no suitable crowd: adult origin (domestic) : zhejiang gross weight: 0.28 kg style: rainbow umbrella box number: 100 packaging: carton whether patent sources: no packing volume: 0.04 color: rainbow color size: 21 inches
EXW Price:
Above 10000pcs   ¥ 5.50 /pc
2000pcs ~9999pcs   ¥ 5.80 /pc
60pcs ~1999pcs   ¥ 6.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Yingzi Rain gear
Main Products: fold umbrella,straight umbrella,kids umbrella,gift umbrella,golf brand umbrella,beach umbrella,Tent ext.
Contacts: Miss Lai
Mobile: 15267404816
E-mail: 3478257221@qq.com
WeChat: 3478257221
Address: Jiulian Industrial Park, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang

















Buyer beware

About bouquet: in order to better waterproof and uv protection umbrella cloth, with special coating process, factory or more or less will be a little smell, please dear friends received after open air buy over a period of time, please be assured that use.

About the fold: after the umbrella is done, it is all folded and wrapped in the packaging, so there will be some wrinkles like the concept of clothes after opening.

About sewing needle: as the umbrella surface composed of triangular piece of stitching, so the hard to avoid a pin, especially the umbrella fabric with coating, generally does not affect the use, if the water strong, eye of a needle to avoid ooze water, there is currently no way to solve this problem, the industry also please close understanding.

About the shaking of the umbrella: to make sure that the umbrella is open, the umbrella and the umbrella are left in space, so the shaking is normal, and it has no effect on the use and firmness of the umbrella.

1. [friendship reminder] :

When the umbrella is packed in the carton, be sure not to cut it with a razor or scissors, so as not to cut the folded umbrella in the carton. We guarantee that the outer packing of the goods is in good condition. Please open the package when picking up the goods, and confirm that the product is not damaged or missing. If the goods are found to be damaged, missing or damaged in transit, please indicate and reject the goods on the spot, and please contact our customer service immediately. We will deal with the matter properly according to the actual situation. If you have signed or signed for the goods, you shall be deemed to have the goods, the quantity and the content of the goods.

Ii. [disclaimer] :

Please carefully check whether the outer packing is damaged and the goods are damaged. If the package is damaged or damaged, please put forward in time. If you find out that the outer packing is damaged or the goods are damaged, the logistics company is not responsible for the damage. We will not be responsible for the loss.

Iii. [price issue]

The website price is the factory price, no tax, no printing fee and version fee, please consult the customer service to confirm the cost.

Iv. [color difference] :

Goods this web site are real shooting, but because of different computer monitors, set different, different shooting light, shooting environment different, light intensity, the flash exposure, and many other reasons, different color difference problem is inevitable, see on the picture color is for reference only, may, is different with physical color product color in kind prevail! This is a hope for a broad understanding of customers. Although we have tried our best to adjust the color difference to the lowest. The color difference problem does not support returns, can not understand and can not accept the color difference problem of the perfect customer please order!

5. [after-sales service] :

We will check the goods before delivery. Due to the busy business, the mistakes and quality problems cannot be avoided 100%. The goods are subject to the goods received.

The return and replacement commitment is as follows:

1. Delivery error, the goods received are inconsistent with the order. Please take a photo and shoot video to confirm to the online customer service customer for negotiation.

2. The goods received have obvious quality problems. Please take a photo and shoot video to confirm to the online customer service.

3 and return period: the buyer on the day after receipt of the goods, please contact customer service, we will be handled in time, more than 3 days less than seven days, back and forth the freight shall be borne by the customers themselves, more than seven days will not be return

The freight shall be borne by the buyer.

Note: the low price special goods and gifts are not exchangeable. Don't mistake the goods we bought in the store. Do not return the goods from other houses.

Vi. [customized products] :

Need printing umbrella please provide clear CDR or AI printing source files to make sure that the printing quality, and the number of good online customer service to confirm order at the same time, color, printing, and printing and edition fee and umbrella unit price, please check the rendering, carefully confirm good printing content and detail, once confirmed that good, printing content and material modification is not doing, for confirmation on the modified expenses shall be borne by the buyers, customized styles not refund don't change.

Vii. [evaluation] :

Every transaction is the result of customer trust and the hard work of our employees. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, please contact the customer service first, we will solve it properly. There was a problem, and there was a lot of calmness and frankness between each other. Try to think for a moment and believe that any problem would be solved. We try to meet every guest, we welcome the customers who are willing and tolerant, and believe that we can be friends in the end.

Thank you for your support!

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Yiwu yingzi rain gear is a professional design, production, sales as an integrated company. Mainly sells custom make all kinds of middle-grade advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, folding umbrella, straight rod umbrella, umbrella, golf umbrella, children umbrella, hat, umbrella, bottle umbrella, couple umbrella, beach umbrella, tents, raincoats, rain gear And so on. Our products are sold in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and so on. With high quality service, high quality, reasonable price wins the majority of customer service trust and close.

Company tenet: \"customer first. We always strive for the perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. The customer's satisfaction is our greatest wish.

Customers' recognition and support is our driving force, we sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate business, exchange information, and would like to explore the market with you. Share a bright future!


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