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Jinfeng boutique double gold color wholesale clothing accessories manufacturers direct sales 中文版|
Jinfeng boutique double gold color wholesale clothing accessories manufacturers direct sales Jinfeng boutique double gold color wholesale clothing accessories manufacturers direct sales Jinfeng boutique double gold color wholesale clothing accessories manufacturers direct sales
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  • Updated: 2018-11-22 09:29
  • About Product:The Name of the product: printed ribbed ribbon as the main raw material: ribbon brand: jinfeng application scope: clothing, apparel, industrial use, home textile color: take note color number specification: 0.6 cm
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Buyer's note: this product can be made in 1cm / 0.6cm / 0.3cm.Full color, if needed,Specific price can ask the seller, thank you!









The store default to send zhongtong, if not, please contact customer service to change shunfeng


 Company strength





Buyers instructions


1. The goods in our store are genuine and genuine, and the goods will be comprehensively inspected before delivery. There will be no quality problems; For example: due to the negligence of the staff, the product quality and wrong delivery problems, all free replacement; Please feel free to choose purchase.

2. The goods of our store are well shot in kind, without any fake. What you buy is exactly the same as what you see in the picture. However, very few babies are affected by the weather and the color difference of the display. There will be some color difference, which does not belong to the quality problem. No regrets. If you can't accept less color difference, please buy carefully!


After receiving DD, please don't forget to comment! We hope you can be satisfied with our work! Please tell your friends if you are satisfied.
Hope to have a chance to let them experience the fun of shopping!!! If any is not satisfied please contact the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper will solve the problem for you in time, the misunderstanding often comes from the communication is not timely, also please respect the shopkeeper's work, do not make the poor evaluation easily! That is not able to solve any problems, the small shop to the poor comments to the buyer all complained to the end, please understand each other, attention to their own evaluation. thank you

Iv. Goods signed and received! When signing for goods, please check whether the quantity of products is correct, whether the products are complete and whether the products are damaged or not in the presence of the Courier. & hellip; Etc.  If you find any problem, please reject it on the spot. Please sign for it after confirmation.


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Company introduction

 Yiwu jinfeng belt manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer in front shop and back factory. The shop is located at 40446 l 6th street, 3rd floor, yiwu international trade city phase iii, covering an area of 1000 square meters.
In order to promote the market development, in early 2008, the company invested 2.5 million, imported 100 sets of Taiwan's advanced high-speed woven tape machine, now the company has 500 employees, 50 color production lines. The company's products mainly include: ribbon, gauze, gold and silver spring, colorful spring onion, rib, polyester ribbon, jacquard ribbon, printing ribbon, double gold and silver broadside yarn, double gold and silver ribbon, velvet ribbon, Christmas belt and other more than 1000 varieties series. Jinfeng relies on the consummate technology, the quality is reliable, the specification is complete, has won the market consumer's trust and the praise. Product sales network throughout the country's major markets, and exported to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other international markets. It promoted the development of the ribbon industry in yiwu city and created a huge amount of foreign exchange for the country.
Integrity, excellence is the eternal pursuit of jinfeng ribbon. Jinfeng will continue to innovate and pursue excellence. With the world colleagues to create brilliant.


Contact person: zhang xuebo

Contact phone number  : 81531893

Phone number: 13735782060

The company address

Room 40446, l 6th street, 3rd floor, yiwu international trade city phase iii (north gate no. 1 or no. 75)

Yiwu Jinfeng Ribbon
Main Products: Tapes, ribbons, DIY Ribbon, Ribbon, thread, yarn, double gold and silver ribbons of snow, gold and Silver metallic ribbon
Contacts: MIS zhang
Mobile: 13735782060
WeChat: 1063499812
Address: 40446, 6 Street, 3F, 73 Gate, E1-International Trade Mart (District 4),Yiwu,China
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