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Car Multifunctional Emergency Power Supply Charger Car Charger Ignition Start 中文版
Car Multifunctional Emergency Power Supply Charger Car Charger Ignition Start Car Multifunctional Emergency Power Supply Charger Car Charger Ignition Start Car Multifunctional Emergency Power Supply Charger Car Charger Ignition Start
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  • Updated: 2022-01-14 13:23
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Boqiang Car Necessities Firm
Main Products: Auto supplies, auto parts, auto tools, motorcycle accessories, motorcycle supplies, motorcycle LED car LED lights, car DVD card series, auto emergency power supply, inflator pump
Contacts: 张彪
Mobile: 86-13655894007
E-mail: 925616355@qq.com
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Address: 68790 A, 7 Street, 4 F, 109 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5).

Product Parameters

Product Model: JX28 car emergency supply

Battery Type: lithium polymer battery core

Power supply size: 165*83 * 32MM

Capacity: 18000MAH

Rated input: 15V/1A

Rated output: 5V/2A 12V/1A 16V/2A 19V/3.5A 12V/300A (car start-up output)

Starting current: 300A

Peak current: 600A

Charging time: 3 hours

Protection function: with short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge protection function

Accessories list: Fire Line 1, home charge 1, car charge 1, one dragging four mobile phone connector 1, computer connector 8, Manual 1, Kit 1.

Function: 12V car emergency supply. LED lights (lighting, strobe, SOS) can be charged by mobile phones, tablet computers, MP3,MP4, digital cameras, notebook computers, PDA, handheld gaming, learning machines and other products.


1: It takes about 3 hours for the product to be fully charged. Turn ON first and charge the product again.

2: when starting the car, you need to turn the switch to OFF and then start the car.

3: our car power supply has the difference between peak value 400A and peak value 600A. The product with a peak value of 400A is 40C, which can start gasoline-powered car with a displacement below 4.0. The multiple of the peak value 600A is 60C. Gasoline-powered car with less than 6.0 displacement and diesel vehicles with less than 2.0 displacement can be started. (Except for cars with aging engine.)

5: The product is not used for a long time. It is recommended to charge once every 3 months.

6: The product needs to be placed at room temperature, which is beneficial to the service life of the product.

Special precautions for mobile power use

1. When starting the car, plug the blue plug tightly and put it in place, otherwise it will affect the effect.

2. When starting the car, the blue power indicator is preferably more than 60%, which can extend the service life of the product.

3. If the car can not start, do not forcibly continue to start, check whether the battery clip is properly clamped, whether the original car Battery terminal rust, there are dirt. Continue to start after cleaning.

4. During the start-up process, if the vehicle always fails to start (1-2 times), do not forcibly continue to start, and further check whether there are other faults, otherwise, the phenomenon of burning the fuse and damaging the starting power supply will occur.

5: when starting the car and using the clip port to use the air pump and other car appliances, you need to turn the switch to OFF.

6: The car power supply of our store is of different styles of 400A and 600A. If the number of cars exceeds the number of products, the power supply will play an automatic power-off protection function during the process of starting the car, plug in the charger and reactivate it to use it normally.

7: under the condition that the car is powered and there is no electricity at all, clamp the car's power supply clip directly to the car's Positive pole and negative pole and start it. If the car is powered, remove the positive electrode, clip the clip on the iron and the negative clip on the negative pole. To start.

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