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Fingerprint Lighter WindProof Creative Man USB Electronic Cigarette lighter personalized Customization 中文版|

Fingerprint Lighter WindProof Creative Man USB Electronic Cigarette lighter personalized Customization

Fingerprint Lighter WindProof Creative Man USB Electronic Cigarette lighter personalized Customization Fingerprint Lighter WindProof Creative Man USB Electronic Cigarette lighter personalized Customization Fingerprint Lighter WindProof Creative Man USB Electronic Cigarette lighter personalized Customization
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  • Updated: 2022-09-15 09:21
  • About Product:You can customize the pattern text, 100 from 1 yuan a side
EXW Price:
Above 50000pcs   ¥ 5.90 /pc
100pcs ~49999pcs   ¥ 6.50 /pc
2pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 7.00 /pc
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【 use maintenance 】 ?? Please use yanju buyers use the right way. People who are new to smoking should read the instructions before using them. Because of the wrong use of the buyer, the cigarette can not be returned for normal use! At the same time, the buyer should do maintenance yanju, so that you can better use and extend the life of the smoking set. Below this shop introduces the use of tobacco care matters needing attention. ? Precautions for the use and maintenance of smoking sets are detailed on the \"use and Maintenance\" page of our store. ?? 【 Introduction to our shop 】?? This shop main lighter, cigarette box, ashtray, cigarette holder, pipe, ten thousand matches, cotton core, flint, gas, kerosene and so on, all the baby are manufacturers direct, inexpensive, welcome new and old customers to taobao shop. This shop will never sell fake products or do anything illegal. We have a lot of baby in stock, buy baby in our store, safe and secure! If you are interested in wholesale of tobacco products, please contact us and we will sell them at wholesale prices. ?? 【 shopping must read 】???? Many cigarette sets of the same style in our shop have many colors (patterns). When buying, please indicate which color (patterns). If the buyer does not specify the color (pattern) when purchasing, we will randomly select the color (pattern) from the cigarette set and send it. ??? If the color (pattern) marked in the purchase is out of stock and the buyer is in urgent need, we will contact the buyer before delivery and send the other color (pattern) to the buyer. ??? There are so many colors (patterns) in our shop that it is hard to choose. The description of the baby will indicate that the store chooses the colors (patterns) randomly and sends them out. ????? Since all of our baby pictures are taken in real life, some of the metal cigarette sets become slightly brighter and darker or have reflective reflections. Some of the fine work of the metal cigarette in different brightness, different angles of the photos will show different glossiness. Some metal lighter surface brushed or antique in the photo is not obvious. ??? The pictures of our store are all photos taken in kind, so it is hard to avoid the phenomenon of color difference when taking photos. Moreover, no camera and display can fully reflect the true color of the objects being photographed. Each photo in our store will be colored according to the real object. However, if you look at the goods under different lights and different monitors, the color difference will be caused. Therefore, buyers who cannot accept any color difference at all must read this clause clearly and consider it carefully before buying. ??? Please buyers in kind as the standard, the shop is absolutely new products, cheap and fine! ?????? After the buyer purchases the cigarette set in this shop, this shop will carefully select the cigarette set to send, is absolutely brand-new product. This shop individual price cheap cigarette sets, low input cost, the surface may have small defects. These small flaws are not obvious, do not affect the overall beauty, more do not affect the quality! Please think carefully before buying! ??? Our shop price cheap cigarette in the handle quality and our high price cigarette will have some differences, a cent a cent goods, our high price cigarette work more fine, feel more comfortable, better quality! Please think carefully before buying! ????? Lighter is the pursuit of simplicity, that is, never put the cost of the process into useless details, also do not do a good deal with the internal chassis. In the surface processing such as spray painting, electroplating or antique coating, there will be some paint or electroplating marks left in individual cases, which may cause different degrees of \"rust\" inside the cases. This is a normal phenomenon. ??? Since the movement is held in the case by friction, there will be scratches on the surface of the movement when the movement is pulled out or inserted. In addition, because the movement is placed inside, its materials do not need to require its surface clean. ?? [Sign-in required reading]?????? After receiving the goods, the buyer must check that the goods are in good condition before signing for the goods. If the goods are found damaged, missing or unequal, please refuse to sign for the goods and contact the seller in time. We will negotiate with the express company to deal with it immediately. ??? The risk of damage, lack or wrong goods shall be borne by the seller before the goods are delivered (signed by the buyer); After delivery (buyer sign) by the buyer, the seller will not be responsible for the above risks. ??? In case of signing for the package before opening it, the buyer should ask the Courier to supervise and open the package on the spot. In case of any discrepancy, it shall contact the seller in time, add details on the receipt and ask the Courier to sign for confirmation. ??? If not the buyer himself sign or did not check sign, after the goods damage, lack, goods are not equal, the seller is not responsible, thank you for your cooperation! ?? [Return and exchange required reading]???? We promise a \"seven days return and exchange without reason\" service. After signing for the goods, if you are not satisfied with the goods and do not like them, under the circumstances of not affecting the second sale, you can apply for the return or replacement of goods to our store. ? Return and exchange conditions:? (1) The return or exchange of goods should be the same as when you received the goods (except that the goods themselves have quality problems)? (2) The return or exchange of goods should be brand new, and the relevant accessories are complete (except the goods without accessories)? (3) Instructions, warranty CARDS and other written materials along with the goods have not been filled in, and any stain or fold (except for the goods without written materials)? (4) The original boxes of the returned or changed commodities shall be kept intact (except the commodities without original packaging boxes). (5) The goods to be returned or replaced are required to have complete original packaging box, original goods, original ancillary goods, original written materials? For the goods with defective quality, we will provide refund and exchange service and bear the round-trip freight. ? If the goods need to be returned or replaced due to the buyer's subjective reasons, the round-trip freight shall be borne by the buyer himself. ? All cannot use because of buyer reason all cannot return change. ?? [Rating and evaluation]? 1, the shop integrity management, thoughtful service, genuine, in order to win the trust of consumers, in the fierce market competition in an invincible position, in order to achieve good economic benefits! We hope that all buyers can be responsible to give the score, evaluation. After the success of the transaction, you have the right to the shop to make a score, evaluation, we attach great importance to your score, evaluation, and strive to get your full marks and praise! ? 2, please buyers after shopping objectively to score, evaluation, not according to their own mood to the shop to make scores, evaluation, trading process or after receiving goods if there is any dissatisfaction or Suggestions, must first through the station letter or wangwang contact the owner, the owner will give proper treatment, be sure to solve the score, evaluation. We will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply and the best solution (experience shows that misunderstandings often arise due to lack of communication). We will deliver the goods on time and try our best to deliver them to you safely and on time. However, as the logistics company is a third party, we cannot control it. Sometimes, due to the logistics company, the goods are delayed, the outer package is deformed or damaged, so the store is not responsible. The logistics company needs to be responsible. Thanks for understanding! ? 3, if the buyer received any dissatisfaction with the goods, and do not contact the owner to solve, give malicious ratings, evaluations, the shop will resolutely complain to the end, in order to maintain their rights and image! Thank you for your cooperation! ? * All goods sold in this shop are non-negotiable. Clear price is not only for my good faith business affirmation, but also for your fair trade protection! ???? ?

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