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Electric music light lead rope piggy will sing and walk cute pig saving temple fair selling New Year goods get rich pig
Electric music light lead rope piggy will sing and walk cute pig saving temple fair selling New Year goods get rich pig Electric music light lead rope piggy will sing and walk cute pig saving temple fair selling New Year goods get rich pig Electric music light lead rope piggy will sing and walk cute pig saving temple fair selling New Year goods get rich pig Electric music light lead rope piggy will sing and walk cute pig saving temple fair selling New Year goods get rich pig
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  • Updated: 2019-10-27 09:45
EXW Price:
Above 168pcs   ¥ 5.30 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Main Products: hot style toys, electric toys, music gun, water gun,
Contacts: Luo Chunling
Mobile: 18058986382
E-mail: 510200363@qq.com
WeChat: 18058986382
Address: Chouzhou North Road, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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Q: many of your goods are very cheap. Do you make them yourself? 

A: yes, some of the goods are produced and processed by our company, so we can ensure the price advantage. In addition, the high and low retail prices of many commodities are actually caused by the different views of a company on profits. Our store has been adhering to the policy of small profits but large sales and win-win cooperation 


Q: I bought an item before you cut the priceFive pieces, 2.5 yuan less than the current online price, can you refund me the difference? 

A: the price with the cost of raw materials or goods market supply and demand change price or price would happen sometimes, company rules all the selling price of a commodity, for this customer order price shall prevail, cut or rise in price after order we won't refund the price difference, after rising customer also does not need to be payment to us, and are subject to the following list of price, only in next order according to the new price. 


Q: how many products and how much money do you have? 

Answer: our store has thousands of hot-selling products, can mix batch, as long as the can be shot will be shipped, don't worry. 


Q: how much does it cost to ship goods from you? 

Answer: specific with logistic company actual charge is accurate. Jiang, zhejiang, Shanghai, goods30 kilograms of 2, 30 yuan, presumably the express fee, other cities recommended to send more profitable logistics, freight around 10 to 25 yuan per box, each box about 0.2 cubic toy belongs to cast goods basically calculate by cubic freight (for reference only), logistics costs are generally not to pay, the goods to your city will inform you to pick up the goods and pay the corresponding freight. 


Q: are they all in stock? Is there a warehouse? 

Answer: there are warehouses, the company is now dozens of full-time staff, millions of spot, the vast majority of goods have spot. 

Q: how long will it take me to receive the goods after payment? 

Answer: express: jiang, zhejiang, Shanghai area normal circumstance is the same day hair the 2nd day arrive (express is door to door service, can deliver goods namely door-to-door) the city that partial some is smaller or town needs transfer may be late one day, motor transport: northeast area city, may needAbout 5 days, if there is no direct logistics, the city that needs to transfer may be extended for one to two days. It is close to the city where the company is located and convenient for transportation, so it only needs 2 to 3 days. Motor transport needs to be picked up by itself. 


Q: what are the terms of payment? 

Answer: pay treasure to bear treasure to trade or bank transfer account is ok. Recommend adding WeChat: WeChat ID: tptoy1635  


Ask: I have pay treasure, how to use pay treasure to you dozen money? 

Answer: in turn: open the alipay website, login with your alipay account, click the \"I want to pay\" button at the top left, and press the prompt operation in the displayed page. 


Q: I want to buy in bulk. Can I offer free samples first? 

A: we treat all retail, wholesale and bulk customers alike. We do not provide samples free of charge. If you really need samples, you can buy them at the wholesale price*2) refund the sample price difference after bulk purchase. We will pay for the postage. 


Q: is the product quality guaranteed? Is there any difference from the picture? 

Answer: have quality problem bag to return change (except artificial factor), specific regulation asks to consult to return change explain. In order to ensure the consistency of the product and the picture, the website display pictures are taken in kind with the product, the product brightness, color slightly different.


Company profile:The company mainly engaged in low - grade children music guns, electric toys, board toys, children's beach toys, water gun, ten thousand kinds of mini gift series and all kinds of novel special products. The company is located in the world's largest commodity market, relying on yiwu's rich market resources, adhering to\"Customer first, forge ahead\" business philosophy, adhere to the \"customer first\" principle to provide customers with quality products and services. Since the establishment of the company, we rely on the scientific quality management system, forge ahead with the spirit of innovation, honesty as the basis, innovation as the power, quality as the guarantee, now has grown into a set of design, development, production and sales of professional massager and small gift manufacturing industry. We with abundant actual strength, fine quality, reasonable price, intimate service, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to join the cooperation! 

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