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The New party hot plate corrugated paper towel hot plate party supplies party decorations corrugated paper plate tablecloth 中文版|
The New party hot plate corrugated paper towel hot plate party supplies party decorations corrugated paper plate tablecloth The New party hot plate corrugated paper towel hot plate party supplies party decorations corrugated paper plate tablecloth The New party hot plate corrugated paper towel hot plate party supplies party decorations corrugated paper plate tablecloth
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  • Updated: 2020-06-28 09:31
  • About Product:Geometric: The article number of the wave grain process: printing whether imports: no processing custom: is the brand: no product number: Wave grain categories: Origami Pendulum Hung Forms: Geometric: Geometric Some of the money in place adorn methods: manual and mechanical origin: Shanghai printing LOGO: whether can patent sources: no money of the main platforms Wish, Amazon, Speed Sell Tong, LAZADA, ebay Main Sales Regions: Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America may authorize its own brand: If no cross-border supply of goods: is style: INS wind size: 9 inch silver dish 10 PCS/bag, silver 7 inch 10 PCS/tray
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Bronzing wave series

350 grams of white paper foil stamping

9 inch plate of 23 cm 10PCS 7-inch disk 18CM 10PCS per pack Paper cups 10 PCS Pipette 10 PCS Pennant 1PCS tablecloth 1PCS Horn 6PCS white cardboard cap 6PCS  

 The product is a physical shoot There will be some color difference affected by the light Be careful if you mind


Amazon hot style direct sale from stock, all the products on the shelves are available from stock. Do not understand can wangwang contact

We promise that all the products on the shelves are in stock. The delivery deadline is 5 o 'clock every day, and the tracking number will be updated from 6 to 8 p.m. The update time will be in accordance with the delivery car. We promise not to make false delivery.IMG_4830


















About the color differenceIf the customer is very strict with the printing color, please express the color sample. However, I can only guarantee that the color is more than 90%, and it is impossible to achieve 100% of anything. If the customer insists on the identical color, please make a detour! Thank you very much!






The bag size indicated on the design draft of the company is the outside diameter size, the finished product size and the actual size has an error of less than 5MM (this is a reasonable error in printing), so please grasp the size when the customer is customized, if it is not the reason of the company, do small, resulting in things can not be loaded, the company is not responsible! thank you






Shipping instructions
Under normal circumstances, the freight will be paid at destination. Generally speaking, the freight company does not have door-to-door delivery service. We are only responsible for shipping the goods to your city. The freight company informs you to pick up the goods




4Please don't rush to go offline after the transaction, so that we can confirm the delivery. As there are many customers who need to distribute goods every day, we press & LDquo; Order first, send first. In principle, generally within 1-2 days to arrange delivery. If some products are out of stock, we will inform you in time and return the extra payment. Please rest assured.

5. Before delivery, we will check the quality, quantity and packing carefully, and send out the goods if there is no problem. However, due to the long distance transportation and extrusion, the goods will inevitably have individual problems. When the buyer receives the goods, please be on the spot when the Courier is present, carefully check the package and sign for it after there is no problem. If there is a serious problem, you can ask the Courier to write down the reason and return it on the spot, and then contact us to explain the situation. We will contact the Courier company to solve the problem. If the buyer sign after the objection, can not trace who is responsible for all the consequences by the buyer himself, the buyer please do not let others sign, otherwise it will be regarded as the buyer himself to accept the inspection. Friendly acquaintance, happy transaction, satisfactory delivery, we need the full cooperation of both sides!







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