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Hot-selling schoolbag girls 1-3 grade leisure bags to reduce the burden of multi-layer large capacity children's backpack 中文版|
Hot-selling schoolbag girls 1-3 grade leisure bags to reduce the burden of multi-layer large capacity children's backpack Hot-selling schoolbag girls 1-3 grade leisure bags to reduce the burden of multi-layer large capacity children's backpack Hot-selling schoolbag girls 1-3 grade leisure bags to reduce the burden of multi-layer large capacity children's backpack Hot-selling schoolbag girls 1-3 grade leisure bags to reduce the burden of multi-layer large capacity children's backpack
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  • Updated: 2019-12-08 15:19
  • About Product:Supplies category: whether the spot inventory: no article number: sa80004/80017 at the latest delivery time: 7 (days) to support the distribution P: polyester bag size: the capacity: 20-35 l package internal structure: sandwich zipper bags, zipper dark bag open way Waterproof, breathable, seismic straps number: double root presence of rod: no style, cartoon, lovely presence of cover: no material quality of a material: polyester fiber brand: other models: SA80004 pattern: geometric designs popular element: printing accessories categories: backpack shoulder pads to carry parts: soft hand
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One, about the wholesale method

The whole store supports mixed batch

 Definition of mixed batch: mixed batch is a single small quantity of goods, the customer can take more than one style, but, due to the distribution of boxes and prevent the damage of goods in the process of transportation and many other factors,This shop regulation: the single style pick up quantity must be in accordance with the minimum pick up quantity set on the web page. (note: the gift box, schoolbag, pen bag and other products can coordinate with the shopkeeper to take the quantity. Please ask the shopkeeper for details.)

 Description of the pick up quantity of our products: 90% of our products are sold in small quantities. Some bags and gift boxes can even be picked up one by one. However, due to different business models and operation methods, some of the styles in our shop areTake the whole case. Like this product, we areBad number of changes. Please be understanding and tolerant.

 A: about the color and pattern of the products when they are shipped: pro, schoolbag and gift box (less pattern and color, less classification) and other products, we support color oh. However, such as pen bags, pencils, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners and other small objects, because the products and patterns of the style is very many. weThe default mixed hairOh. The lowest you can afford is to choose men's or women's. If because product design or design wait for the element that the individual does not like, ask to return money, it is the circumstance that cannot because of product quality problem, enjoy equal return money treatment. Say simply: because of the problem that the guest likes to produce the charge that replace goods is in charge of by the buyer namely. (then again: as long as you note the style and the color, we will try to match the goods according to your requirements. Dear, this is a mutual understanding process.

Ii. Delivery and other issues

  Mode of transportation:

   1.Express delivery, cost by weight. Specific calculation formula: the cost of the first weight of 1kg + the cost of the continued weight of each kg * the weight of the continued weight. Example: now I have 3kg of goods to be sent from yiwu to somewhere in jiangsu at the cost of: 6+1*2=8 yuan. The price of first weight and renewal is different in different provinces and regions, please ask the customer service for details

     Default partner express companies: yto express, zto express.

      Other express delivery, such as sf express, shentong, yunda, EMS, etc. can also be delivered, the cost is calculated according to the price of other express delivery companies. Please consult customer service for details


   2,Logistics, according to the number of pieces and volume.If there are a lot of goods, the shopkeeper strongly recommends delivery logisticsBecause logistics charges according to the number or volume of goods. General goods dozen 2 boxes above, hair logistics is very cost effective.

     Logistics can be sent like jiaji, deppon such logistics, can also be sent direct or private shipping companies. Or you have specified logistics can also tell us. Yiwu logistics industry is very developed. It's all over the country.

  Note: express and logisticsThe difference between:Express delivery, logistics need to go to the department to pick up the goods.

Iii. Return and exchange of goods in short supply after receipt of goods:

   1.Out of stock.When the warehouse receives your order and actively supplies the goods for you, if there is any style in short supply, it will immediately report the situation to your customer service, and the customer will contact you immediately. Whether it is to exchange the styles without goods for other similar goods, or not to send, and then do the refund processing, our customer service will immediately call you to get in touch, after your consent, dare to do the next step of the arrangement.

   2,return. \"Because of the quality of the product itselfWe will be responsible for the return and exchange charges. After receiving the goods, the seller shall first check the goods, and then sign the receipt for the Courier of the express company. If there is any quality problem found in the inspection of the goods, the seller shall immediately reject the goods and contact the shopkeeper. Why reject: reject after inspection, return is not generated any express fee. If you sign the receipt and return it, the return freight will be generated. Because we do wholesale. Profit itself is very thin, have not too much ability to bear the cost of return and exchange, please dear understanding. Such asDue to personal preference or product design and other issues.The goods are subject to a discount of 10% of the purchase price, and the cost of return and replacement shall be borne by the buyer.

   3. Processing time of return and exchange orders:

      Dear friends, if you have any questions, please try to contact customer service during the day. Because at home at night, there is no corresponding delivery details and other information. Customer service is not good for you to solve the problem, so,We only take orders at night, not deal with problem lists. Problem lists are dealt with throughout the day.

Iv. Payment method and contact information

   Payment terms:

        The shop strongly recommends using alipay to guarantee the payment, after placing the order directly in the order payment. The process is the same as taobao shopping. Don't understand click ask me

[please be informed of the above information. If you order our products, you will accept the above instructions. Our company reserves the right of final explanation.]

The retail price of schoolbags is 188 yuan per case


The retail price of SA80017 schoolbags is 218 yuan per case

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