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New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag 中文版|

New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag

New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag New Hollowed -out five-pointed star paper drawing flag
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  • Updated: 2020-08-02 22:51
  • About Product:Happy birthday spot flags gilt lettering fish tail flags birthday party banners party decorations, wedding, attend the opening taking, 1 st birthday banners
EXW Price: ¥ 2.00 /pc
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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[Product name] : Spot happy Birthday five-pointed star Flower birthday party banner party decoration supplies

[Product color] : five-pointed star gold, rose gold, dazzling silver, bright silver

[Product material] : high-quality paper jam

[Product weight] : about 105G/set 

[Product length] : The expansion length is about 3m

[Product use] : Celebration party, wedding party, birthday party decoration, etc





Banner CARDS of different styles are of different sizes, and the pictures are all illustrated. The overall length and width will have an error of about 0.5cm-1cm. The inside length of a set is the same, and the length of the rope matched with different styles is also different

Undertake custom printing support proofing details contact customer service for confirmation

Regular spot delivery within 24 hours


Due to the impact of the display and camera, may cause color deviation, is a normal phenomenon, it is inevitable, so the color to the object as the standard, thank you for your understanding!







Store real shooting, all kinds of paper party supplies, a variety of styles
Welcome to negotiate.

Ms Wu: 18006511257
Store address: 36240 store, 10th Street, 2nd Floor, Zone 4, Yiwu International Trade City. Welcome to the store for single selection.

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1. Is the quality of your products guaranteed?
A: Quality is our survival, we have confidence in the quality of products, if there is any quality problems can be returned.
2. I would like to know the freight.
A: The freight is the actual cost generated by the way of freight selected by the customer. Generally, the freight is delivered by express (the freight is calculated according to the actual weight and transportation distance of the goods). If the customer has special freight requirements, we will try our best to meet them. Please rest assured that the company will not charge the customer more freight. In case of overcharging, it will be returned to you. You can refer to our company dynamics
I want to order some products. Do you have a price list? Could you please send it to me?
A: All prices are on the list. You can check them or consult our customer service.
4. Are all the pictures on your website in stock?
A: Basically, because we have a large number of wholesale customers, occasionally there will be a temporary shortage of individual products. In case of shortage, customer service will inform you to replace the goods in time. If the customer does not agree with the replacement, the company will replenish the goods for you in time or refund the excess payment to you.
5. Are your goods consistent with the pictures?
Answer: the picture and the picture of the goods are consistent, the picture has been reduced processing, not too clear, the goods are more beautiful.
6. Are your wholesale prices all over the website?
A: Yes, the price on the website is the wholesale price. You can apply for membership. Members can enjoy the membership discount based on the accumulated amount and the number of orders.
7. How much do you sell? Directly on the Internet?
A: It can be taken online or by telephone at 18006511257
8. I have placed an order. When will it be delivered?
A: Orders placed and paid before 16:00 on the same day can be normally sent out (except for stock shortage).
9. The freight was not normal when I placed the order.
Answer: general freight is according to your goods weight and place of receipt automatically generated, so the freight is usually no problem, if the freight is not the normal situation, you can contact customer service to rethink your freight business accounting, customer service may take the goods according to your actual landed weight and the requirement of cargo shipping freight calculated by the amount of modified order
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The price that

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Ununderlined price: The ununderlined price may be the activity price that the commodity is about to participate in the activity, for reference only. The transaction price during the specific activity may change due to the use of coupons by users, etc., and the final price on the activity is the order settlement page.In the activity state of joint folding and folding:Buyers of the goods (except some specifications) can enjoy the discount price during the discount period (the price is more favorable than the price of daily activities during the same period).* Note: The above instructions are valid only in case of price comparison. If the merchant explains the underlined price separately, the expression of the merchant shall prevail.
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