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Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow

Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow

Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow Lucky Tree Decoration Living Room Wine Cabinet Chinese Home Decoration Crafts Seven Color Light Included Music Rotating Cash Cow
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  • Updated: 2022-06-17 09:44
EXW Price: Price Negotiable
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Main Products: Festive items, buddhist articles, lanterns, ostentatious items, cash cows, lotus lanterns, ghee candles, festive lanterns, imitation electronic guns,
Contacts: Zhao Jianhao
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E-mail: 1043451425@qq.com
WeChat: 13958406161
Address: 6161 A, 4 Street, 3 F, 1 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1).

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hot Selling Baby

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  thank you dear designers for offering us such perfect works, patterns, patterns and colors.
The material is superior, the beauty of this product does not need us to introduce more, 100% of the original shooting!
Just to show the real side of the product!

6 large pieces

8 pieces per small number




type B is kumquat bracelet charm:


the rotation effect display:





before purchasing wholesale, please take a closer look at the details of this baby. If you have any questions, please consult online customer service. Do not view description of after-sales of all consequences by pro-have taken it upon themselves oh.

Shipping instructions

it is strongly recommended that buyers look for reliable and reliable logistics companies with convenient delivery (through Baidu search, Yellow Pages search, friends introduction, etc.)

if you have a designated logistics, please note the delivery address and phone number of the logistics company in Quanzhou when placing an order,

if there is no designated logistics, we will arrange logistics for you, but we cannot guarantee that the pick-up point is very close,

please automatically accept possible risks in logistics.


If there is no designated logistics, we will choose ordinary consignment, can not conduct website inquiries, can only be consulted by telephone, can not be tracked with the same information as express delivery, if you mind, you can choose regular logistics, such as Debai logistics, Tiandi Huayu, Jiaji logistics, etc., contact customer service after placing an order, or note the instructions.


Logistics needs to be mentioned by ourselves. The charges of various logistics companies are not standard. We estimate it inaccurate, so we do not make any valuation or bear any expenses in logistics, I strongly recommend that customers look for a dedicated logistics company from Quanzhou to accepting!

We hope that customers can provide logistics companies that they are satisfied with as much as possible. We are not engaged in the logistics industry and do not understand the underlying rules of logistics. Our experience in logistics is only for reference, do not bear all kinds of "accidents" caused by logistics ".

If you send logistics, you have not received the goods for more than 7 days, please contact us for inquiries!!

Wholesale description

the information remarks are invalid, and the order is subject to the order, so about the receiving address, consignee name, product size, part color, etc., please check and check the information carefully when you take the photo.

The size specifications of all our marks are measured by hand, and there are normal errors.


After receiving the payment, our company will immediately match the goods according to your requirements, and send the goods within mode of despatch and 3 days according to your choice.


The price on the website is wholesale price, no delivery, no retail, no sample, no bargaining.

(Member customers can enjoy the member price, on behalf of the delivery (more than the batch), send samples, etc...)

the profit margin of our shop is very small, which depends on sales volume, so we refuse all forms of bargaining.


It is normal for our store to be temporarily out of stock due to the large supply volume. If the goods you buy are out of stock,

within the 3 models, we will arrange delivery directly without notice: If a large number of out of stock, we will inform you as soon as possible to negotiate the solution. 3 products that are out of stock within 3 are all refunded. If the goods need to be reissued, we will not bear the shipping fee when they are reissued.

After-sales description

1) since it is wholesale, the delivery quantity is very large, it is impossible to check whether there will be foul for each one. Possible problems include wrong product delivery, product quality problems, damaged packaging, crushed transportation, and small defects in the product. Network wholesale non-entity wholesale, if you are our local customer, the exchange process is very simple, as long as we go to our allocation of cargo warehouse, we can change it, but it will be different, because the return needs to generate freight. If you buy 10 products, one product is broken, and this product has not even exceeded 10 yuan, the customer asked to send it back, of course, we do not agree, this is a must for a honest businessman. Please don't tell me how Taobao is solved. Please know that this is Alibaba and only does wholesale here. A product like Taobao can be sold several times.

2) the customer receives the goods within 3 days. The core is the quantity and quality of the goods. If there is any problem, timely feedback to the after-sales customer service. No objection within 4 days of arrival is deemed to have no problem with this cooperation and conclude the transaction. Subjective dissatisfaction, for imaginary reasons, there is no quality problem to return, will not be accepted. Carefully check the professional packaging before shipment., If there is a shortage, if you need to application for drawback, please contact the after-sales customer service.

3) Please communicate with our customer service to confirm the product category and quantity before returning the goods. If you return the goods directly without any notice, we will not deal with them. The returned product needs to keep the original packaging, and the product must be returned without other damage. If the return damage cannot be repaired, we will not refund it.

4) Please do not return goods that are not from our company so as to bring inconvenience to you when returning them again.

5) If you return the goods, please put a note in the package, stating: member name, indent number, contact information, return reason and other information

we receive a lot of parcels every day, please write a note, if not written, we do not know that you are returning, may not be able to deal with it in time

reject all delivery items, if you do not contact, we will not deal with the returned items directly.

6) If you return or exchange goods for personal reasons in some special circumstances, you will return or exchange them with 20% discount, and the freight will also need to be borne by yourself.


For orders over 1 month, we will not save, do not inquire and deal with any after-sales problems. For those who cooperate for a long time, understand each other, and confirm the receipt and praise in time, we will give priority to providing fast supply and delivery, giving new samples every month, sending them on behalf of a certain number of times, returning and returning goods within a certain period of time, and...


In order to better serve you and save your time, please contact professionals for related business.


We will not support return or exchange in the following cases


(1) the goods and goods that have no quality problems and have been used are damaged, affecting the secondary sales
(2) damage to goods caused by improper use and maintenance (storage)

(3) the return and exchange proposed by the poor market will not be handled.

(4) because I placed an order directly, I did not view the product information. The received items are different from what I imagined. I personally feel that there are quality problems. Some individuals do not like the situation because of the element.

(5) orders over 1 month

note: rejected to pay the surface mail SF Express and Debon. We will not deal with the returned items without contacting us,

(6) if a single order does not exceed 1kg of goods, some of the goods need to be returned due to quality problems, and the postage of the products with quality problems is borne by the company's postage standard.
(7) if a single order exceeds 1kg of goods, some of the goods need to be returned due to quality problems.

For after-sales problems, please contact the after-sales customer service.


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