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  • Lucky Magnet
    Main Products: Magnet, AlNiCo, ferrite bead, football, PVC magnets
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  • Xingyun
  • Mobile: 18857980528
  • Phone: 0086 57985297459
  • WeChat:18857980528
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  • Lucky Magnet
  • Factory specializing in the production of NdFeB magnet, gift box with a dedicated single-sided magnets two-sided magnet, PVC (EVA,TPU) fashion accessories-clothes of various materials, such as stealth waterproof rust magnet clasp and magnet rings, Bucky balls, badge magnets, ferrite magnets, soft rubber magnets, processing ... Welcome customers from all walks of life to visit us!
  • Address: Shop No.15006B, Street8, Floor2, Gate No.40, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 2).
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