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Forklift truck hydraulic hand truck 2T forklift truck ground cow hydraulic truck 中文版
Forklift truck hydraulic hand truck 2T forklift truck ground cow hydraulic truck Forklift truck hydraulic hand truck 2T forklift truck ground cow hydraulic truck Forklift truck hydraulic hand truck 2T forklift truck ground cow hydraulic truck
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  • Updated: 2019-01-11 13:56
  • Hydraulic truck is used for warehouse, supermarket to carry all kinds of goods carrying weight of 2000kg convenient lightweight quality assurance manufacturers direct sales price concessions welcome new and old customers into the shop purchase order telephone: 13185184822
EXW Price:
Above 120pcs   ¥ 638.00 /pc
6pcs ~119pcs   ¥ 750.00 /pc
1pcs ~5pcs   ¥ 780.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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 Purchase instructions:

1.All the baby products in our store are shot in kind. We do not guarantee that there is no color difference due to the color problem of the display screen. Please understand!

2.All forklifts in the same kind of goods in the medium/high-end, low - price quantity, quality is absolutely guaranteed! Please do not compare prices with other low-end forklifts, there is really no comparison. Once the forklifts are installed, they will be used for several years, if you choose the poor quality forklifts for the sake of cheap money, it is really not worth it!

3.The maximum load of this forklift truck is 2-3 tons.There are two models and specifications, please buy according to your actual situation, avoid too wide or too narrow unnecessary trouble.There will be a lot of new shops from time to timeThe product is on the shelf, please pay attention at any time!

Shipping instructions:

1.Products in stock are generally available48It will be delivered within the hour5It will be delivered in about ten days. Please contact our customer service staff for the actual situation.

2.Forklift truck volume is relatively large, (special price package mail baby, profit ultra thin, in addition to yiwu urban area home delivery, all choice of logistics delivery, customers to the logistics company to pick up goods. No surface mail or express mail,The goods can only be shipped to the prefecture-level cities, and the buyers in county-level cities or towns, as well as remote areas such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and northeast China must contact our customer service to make up the freight charge). Otherwise it is regarded as maliciously purchased and will not be delivered.

3.Whether express delivery or logistics, if the goods delay, please communicate with us more! We will provide you with the cargo information, and as soon as possible for you to track the cargo flow, so that it can be delivered as soon as possible!


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