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Jack/sheet metal separating jack/separating jack 中文版|
Jack/sheet metal separating jack/separating jack Jack/sheet metal separating jack/separating jack Jack/sheet metal separating jack/separating jack
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  • Updated: 2019-04-15 11:29
  • About Product:Separate jack in plastic box. Quality assurance, price discount manufacturers directly welcome new and old customers to purchase, order telephone: 13185184822
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Packaging: plastic box

Specification: 4 tons /10 tons

Safe use of separate jacks

(1) must be qualified products produced by the official manufacturer. Before use should be familiar with the performance, characteristics and use method of its separate jack, strictly in accordance with the rated weight of the jack.
(2) the separate jack shall be kept clean and put in a dry and dustless place. Clean the jack before use, and check whether the piston lift and parts are flexible and reliable, and whether the oil is clean.
(3) when using separate jacks, it is forbidden for staff to stand in front of the safety plug of the jacks. If the safety plug is damaged, it shall not be used.
(4) it should be perpendicular to the top object and should have a good contact surface.

(5) separate jack lifting weights cannot be left alone for a long time, still lessIt can be used as a storage object.

(6) when using, the place should be smooth and solid. If the ground is uneven or soft, a cushion plate with certain strength should be laid.

(7) do not pipe the swinging handle of the jack or lengthen the length of the swinging handle by any other method.
(8) the lifting height of separate jacks shall not exceed the limit mark line. If there is no mark line, it shall not exceed three-quarters of the height of screw bolt or piston. The wear of screw thread or rack up to 20% is strictly forbidden.

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