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A4,70 g 80 g of photocopy paper, 160g white woodfree paper 中文版| Report Item
A4,70 g 80 g of photocopy paper, 160g white woodfree paper A4,70 g 80 g of photocopy paper, 160g white woodfree paper
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  • Updated: 2017-03-08 10:34
  • About Product:Each pack 100 sheets, white wood-free paper.
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Double rubber paper is refers to printing with paper, also called offset paper, like we of book is with double rubber paper printing of (but like Elle, fashion magazine of with paper surface sliding sliding of, has coated cloth has gloss degrees of called double copper paper), General in 60 grams to 120 grams Zhijian, also has 150 grams of high grams heavy double rubber paper. below 60 grams of on not called double rubber and called writing paper has, writing is comparison poor of paper species has. Woodfree paper is generally divided into plates and reel in two ways. Flat woodfree paper is used primarily for one by one, such as platform for printing press printing and writing, painting and other wood-free paper. Reel woodfree paper is primarily used for continuous processing machines, such as for rotary press printing, continuous bag-bag making machine, cigarette, cigarette packs in a row. General requirements for woodfree paper for printing and printing machines match. Reel width to 787 and 1092mm in the past and its multiples, as printing site changes are phased in to 880mm to multiples. Woodfree paper drum diameter is generally 750~850mm. Flat aspect ratio of 0.72 woodfree paper. Used by 500 sheets on an order, a number of wood-free paper packaging become one, weight per item not exceeding 250kg. Another wood-free paper, for a variety of different requirements, will have different specifications, subscribers or request special specifications.

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