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Multifunctional photocopy paper, A4 中文版| Report Item
Multifunctional photocopy paper, A4 Multifunctional photocopy paper, A4
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  • Updated: 2017-03-08 10:33
  • About Product:Multifunctional photocopy paper, A4
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Name: English name of copy paper: copy paper
copy paper is one of the biggest in the Xerox materials, is an indication of copy quality.
Copier, copy paper is paper, but it is most widely applied, pin can be widely used in photocopiers, printers, laser printers, inkjet printers and other output when the requirements are not very high, especially in the Stylus printers and laser printers are more widely used.
Copy paper, frequently used models are: B5, A4, B4, A3, four kinds of models. Copy paper is various office equipment with paper in the most economic of paper, such as: B5 copy paper a box for 8 package, each package for 500 Zhang, that each box amounted to 4,000 Zhang, and each box B5 copy paper currently of price in 80-120 Yuan money, such average down, each Zhang paper of price only 2-3 points money, and other Office equipment with paper (as some dedicated of inkjet printer with paper) compared to is very cheap of.
Copy paper is one of the biggest in the Xerox materials, is a manifestation of the copy quality, great care must therefore be correct use of copy paper.
of Xerox paper thickness, generally between 64-80 grams per square meter, some copiers can also use copy paper from 50-200 grams per square metre.
of photocopy paper, finish slightly higher, if it is too smooth to fixing bad and difficult to cure. Adhesive tape can be used as required (single copy), if the Copier, two-sided copying, wood-free paper as well. Copy paper white is preferred.
Paper density of
paper fibers with key fine as well. Because the fibers of the paper too thin to thick, is the affect the copy image quality (that is, separation rates) and are prone to paper, paper scraps, dirty machine. In particular, optical parts are dirty causing copies of bottom ash. Paper is crisp and easy to fracture and cause paper jams, also affect reproduction and copying of long-term storage.
Hardness of paper
paper grams the right, but not necessarily suitable for use in copiers, because the weight and stiffness are two different things, often because of poor toughness, resistance is slightly wrinkled in transit congestion. If both papers is 70g per square meter, but the paper fiber is soft, very poor, slight wrinkle resistance deformation is often jammed. So only a very (hard) applies to Xerox paper.
Paper moisture
from damp paper (water containing too much paper), insulation performance and so affect the copy quality. Characterized by:

a, prone to paper jams, especially bonded photoconductor (drum), detach it, affecting the reproduction efficiency.  
B, talking about the image, her, big bottom ash. As in plum rains season in South China and in severe cases can copy up.
C, heat easy to distort.
So copy paper must avoid wet, would be better placed in a ventilated and dry place. Products purchased from the store copy paper (each 500 mm), run out must split a pack again. Cheng Ling of paper, does not open before the Conference should not be tied, cut out, save the paper to make a stack of plates.
Paper cutting
of paper fibers have an aspect ratio of the points. If you follow the orientation of the fibers cut into flat, then the long side parallel with the fibers of the paper for "vertical", short fibers in parallel or "horizontal". Photocopy request paper fiber direction "vertical" is better, because it's kind of good, small running resistance of paper (the running direction of the paper and the paper's fiber direction is consistent), it is difficult to tear.
Put paper
xerographic paper loading is trivial, but there are a certain amount of stress, otherwise it jams.
A: for semicircular transmission of copy paper, (needed by the paper 180 degrees turn), copy paper should be light concave downwards, concave side down is difficult to separate. Horizontal transfer of Copier, on a smooth paper.
B: paper to be stacked when, on the lower part of the stack of paper and must not be mounted with the upper part of the stack of paper under the same tray.
C: prior to loading, put the paper, get the paper fully slub, reduce the adhesion between paper and paper. Method following:

(a) take a stacks paper, and hands defending live paper of ends, end to pinch tight, another end relax pinch, then to party bent, again hands pinch tight pulled straight paper formed a small arc, makes air entered paper of voids, this action again to another party to repeatedly do

(b) gathering, and Masahira, then knife cut part (blade) opened.    
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