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388 cleaning robot household cleaning robot sweeper 中文版

388 cleaning robot household cleaning robot sweeper

388 cleaning robot household cleaning robot sweeper 388 cleaning robot household cleaning robot sweeper 388 cleaning robot household cleaning robot sweeper
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  • Updated: 2020-11-07 09:44
  • About Product:The 388 automatic sweeper has an intelligent computer system, an automatic helical navigation system and 21 induction heads. The room can be measured, automatically clean every corner of The room. Record your ideal Settings, avoid walls, stairs, Even if you put it on the table. It will not fall down A randomly equipped virtual wall launcher effectively prevents it from getting into places you don 't want it to. It also has A large bin. Super Activated carbon can purify indoor air, absorb harmful substances, effectively improve air quality, Super quiet dust box and Super adsorption capacity, Can easily clean the ground on a variety of impurities.
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Function description:

1. Intelligent function: press the switch to automatically clean the room, the whole cleaning process without human monitoring.
2. Automatic navigation: automatically plan the cleaning route, neither repeat cleaning, nor miss sweeping.
3. Automatic recharging: when the battery is nearly used up, it will find the charger to charge automatically.
4. Memory function: after charging, it can automatically return to the original place without power and continue to clean.
5. Regular cleaning: start work exactly at the time you specify.
6. Automatic cleaning: as long as you set the automatic cleaning function, the robot will start to work immediately after charging.
7. Prevention and rescue: if you encounter an obstacle or get stuck by an object, automatically start the rescue procedure and get rid of the obstacle within 10 seconds.
8. Anti-drop function: effectively prevent the robot from falling off the table or stairs.
9. Virtual wall function: put virtual wall to prevent the robot from entering the area you do not want to clean temporarily.
10. Cyclone brush: the world patented quadrupled cyclone brush has a dust cleaning rate of 96% and a particle cleaning rate of 100%.
11. Edge brush setting: edge brush is equipped on the right side of the fuselage, which can easily clean the dead corner of the room.
12. Ultra-thin fuselage: the fuselage is ultra-thin, which can be easily drilled under the bed or sofa for cleaning.
13. Soft rubber wheel design: the wheels are made of soft rubber material, which will not scratch the floor or damage the carpet.
14. Low noise design: noise is only 50 decibels, far less than ordinary vacuum cleaners.
15. Environmental protection function: built-in super activated carbon filter, effectively filter dust and purify air.
16. Safety and energy saving: the working voltage is 14.4v, which can be safely operated by both children and the elderly

Main components:

Front: infrared connector, handle, low power indicator, start button, garbage box.
Back: rechargeable battery, edge brush, dust box, filter.
Side: power switch, charging interface.

★ use method ★

Charge: the first charge must be full 8 hours, the whole charge time is about 4 hours, can be used for about 1 hour. The battery can be recycled for 800 times and can last for about 2 years in a normal home. 
Room size can be selected by yourself: small files, smart stars will spiral repeatedly in a diameter of about 3 feet, focusing on a certain place for centralized cleaning, working time of about 4 minutes, this mode is suitable for cleaning the local dirty floor of the room; Mid-range, smart will automatically clean the room, the working time is about 30 minutes, this mode is suitable for smaller rooms; Big gear for about 60 minutes. If the self-charging base is used, smart star will automatically search and return to the base for charging. Low power indicator lights red.
Job: the robot works in a different mode. If Ann is picked up on the way to work, the machine will automatically stop in three seconds.
Side sweep and side brush can be replaced. The infrared ray emitted by the virtual wall emitter will not harm pets. The virtual wall formed by the infrared ray emitted by the virtual wall can be up to 3.9 meters wide at most. The effective distance (long) is three levels, 0-3 meters, 3-7 meters, and 7 meters above.

★ cleaning machine

1. After each use of the machine, clean the following parts with dry cloth: garbage box; Left and right wheel; Rotate the brush in the bottom with your hand to clean up the dust on the brush. Clean edge brush, plastic; Open the vacuum cover to clean the vacuum chamber and fan; 4 induction heads at the bottom of the front shell. Wipe clean with a clean cloth.
2, the filter is nanometer filter, rinse with water, do not put in the sun after washing under the sun, to dry in the shade.
3, generally use 1 month or so, in sweep brush to open clean.

★ points to note

1. Turn off the power after use and remove the battery from the virtual wall transmitter. 
2, the vacuum cleaner in the process of walking, some light and small objects, such as vases, small boxes may be knocked down, pay attention to the cleaning before the removal of such items. 
3. When using virtual wall transmitter, do not aim the launcher at the eyes of the person.
4. The vacuum cleaner starts up and turns off immediately after a piece of music. It can be due to low battery, please charge in time.
5, the intelligent vacuum cleaner can not be put on the long hair carpet to walk, in case the silk wool is involved.
6, intelligent vacuum cleaner all possible places can not have the silk goods, wires, towels and so on. To prevent inhalation by the vacuum cleaner and entangle the brush.
7. If not in use for a long time, please fully charge the battery and put it in a cool and dry place.

Voltage: 14.4 V
Power: 23 w
Noise: 50 db
Diameter: 35 cm
Net weight: 3.5 KG
Battery type: nickel-cadmium battery
Battery life :800 times
Single run time :60 minutes
Remote control range :7 m
Dust box capacity :0.25 l
First charge time :8 hours
Normal charging time :4.5 hours
Wind wheel speed :14000 RPM

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