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EVA, PE, printing processing, screen printing 中文版|
EVA, PE, printing processing, screen printing EVA, PE, printing processing, screen printing EVA, PE, printing processing, screen printing
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  • Updated: 2019-02-28 19:12
  • About Product:Factory processing EVA printing, screen printing, to map processing
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Factory professional productionEnvironmental protectionEVA foamCoil, sheet, PE high foaming, secondary foaming, high elasticEVABrand new materialCR,SBR, flame retardantEVA, shock absorption,EVAAnd so on.

Can be customized:EVAPaper cutting, sprinkling gold powder, packaging lining, camouflageEVA,EVAToys, bags lining stereotypes products, on the plastic, such as punching. Good quality,The price is low.

 The products have the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, buffering, shock absorption, dustproof, sealing, flame retardant, anti-static, electric conduction, good permeability, elastic and so on,Therefore, it is involved in various industries, such as electronics, electrical appliances, precision instruments, toys, household commodities, handicrafts, decorations, printing and packaging, cosmetics and sports/Health care equipment, air filtration/Purification, industrial machinery, construction, automotive industry, metallurgy, medical, environmental protection, national defense, instrumentation, etc.

Packaging lining, sporting goods, intellectual building blocks, etc.

Sample can be customized, quality and cheap, welcome to inquire, telephone0579-85222494,QQ:471103929, the letter:15057920466.

Ding Sheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Color Eva sheet material roll material PE high foam Eva foam diy toys Eva hot press shaping processing color Eva sponge paper cutting Eva inner lining foam foam cotton
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