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[New] Korea space memory foam cervical pillow-care pillow pillow factory wholesale 中文版
[New] Korea space memory foam cervical pillow-care pillow pillow factory wholesale [New] Korea space memory foam cervical pillow-care pillow pillow factory wholesale [New] Korea space memory foam cervical pillow-care pillow pillow factory wholesale [New] Korea space memory foam cervical pillow-care pillow pillow factory wholesale
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  • Updated: 2020-08-12 08:54
  • Cervical pain significantly ease: ordinary pillows cannot be supported stereo nape, suspended, tired and aching muscles and all night. Cervical spine repair to design breakthrough curve, effective support of the nape. During the three years of data feedback to the user on the basis of the head support height adjustment helps you in the neck while sleeping on your back is adjusted to a more comfortable angle, more or less safe. You do not feel any sense of suspended after waking up on nape will be very relaxed and comfortable.
EXW Price:
Above 1000pcs   ¥ 55.00 /pc
10pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 58.00 /pc
1pcs ~9pcs   ¥ 85.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Nantong Ennas Home Textile Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Production of the slow rebound memory pillow, pillow, pillow, pillow gel, U type pillow, car by the waist, butterfly pillow, pillow bread, latex pillow, cushion, particle pillow
Contacts: Yang Yunhui
Mobile: 86-17826638960
E-mail: 2953538581@qq.com
WeChat: 1572574191
Address: 62987 , 1 Street, 2 F, 111 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5).

A,The delivery:
Spot products, single order in1-500.All of themIn the dayShipment!On the day of the order16:00All before delivery.16:00The order was shipped the next day. Due to theUThe volume of pillow is larger, the express fee is calculated by volume, and the freight can be calculated or changed by contacting the customer service.
Second, sincerelyThe generation,home
Welcome all the dealers, agents and friends from the electronic business circles to negotiate with us, and we can customize the personalized products according to the different needs of customers.
Three,The quality ofTo survivecredibilityStrives for the development
Focus on quality we are not just a slogan, we promise15Day no reason to refund, damaged repair mail
Four, we do5yearsExperience in industryThe inventory is enoughTo support brand authorized distribution and sales


For taobao stores, jingdong, amazon, wechat business, such as a distribution, small wholesale, mixed batch physical stores, gifts companies such as group purchase providers to provide quality supplies.
Fifth, supportOEMandThe ODMCan be printedThe LOGO
To undertake a variety ofOEMOrder, can undertakeThe mould, product development and design, personalized production, to meet the needs of different customers.

Welcome to call:YangMr.(WeChat) 



Customer service 1QQ: 2953538581

Customer service 2QQ: 2339622793

Corporate culture:

 1. Enas spirit: integrity, dedication, cooperation and innovation;

 2. Enas's working style: quick response, simple and efficient, and pursuit of excellence;

 3. Enas brand positioning: to become a first-class brand in the industry;

 4, ennais faith: small victory by wisdom, victory by virtue; Honest service, seeking win-win situation;          

 5. Enas mission: customer satisfaction as the first standard, never sell the future for short-term interests;

Brand: memory star or OEM OEM Item no: ens002 Filler composition and content :100% slow rebound material
Height of pillow core :5.1-10cm Pillow shape: rectangular Pillow weight: 1.1-2kg
Processing and customization: yes Whether to support a proxy: support Color: pink | navy blue | beige
Dimensions :62*34*9|62*34*8|44*24*5 Bedding subdivision: memory pillow

Product name:Korean family package(Men women children)

Fabric: high-grade velvet fabric (plusHigh-grade anti-mite lining)

Material: polyether polyurethane

Product size:men34 * 62 * 9 cm 

             Ms model34 * 62 * 8 cm

             Children with44 * 24 * 5 cm

This set meal belongs to the independent research and development, independent production, independent sales, the only one.

If you have any copy, please call us at 0579-89952539

  1. We are exclusively for Tmall net sales manufacturers, we for many big brand OEM production, we have 5 years of memory cotton product production experience, we only produce memory cotton products, because of the specificity, so professional.


2. We guarantee sufficient supply. We have the most complete product categories. We provide you with a full pack of free label customization, perfect quality to ensure the customer's brand value.


3. We have a strong customer service team, anyone who needs help can contact us, and we will give you the best reply.


         We take the trouble to have professional embroidery designers

Yang yunhui tel: 17826638960 QQ: 2953538581


 Zero pressure pillow core:

     1. The pillow core is made of high-tech zero-pressure slow-rebound polyurethane with temperature sensing memory (originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on astronauts).

     2. It can effectively break down the body pressure, counteract the rebound, and provide the most balanced support for the body. When the head and neck and pillow contact, will occur temperature induction, so that the head and neck contact surface without pressure, blood is unobvious.

    3. Eliminate the fatigue, damage and discomfort caused by too soft, too hard and too elastic pillows, so that the human body can quickly enter a good sleep state.

Space Ann sleeping pillow with the U.S. space agency NASA (NASA) to resolve the astronauts and pilots pressure material research and development, into the world high and new technology, it can respond to temperature and pressure and the shape, effectively resolve the body pressure is zero pressure, offset anti-momentum, provide even and powful support, keep your touching part long time 0 pressure state.it does not blog blood circulation and not easily get tired and sore, thereby reducing unnecessary for infant sleep. Combined with mechanics, ergonomic design pillow shape, 40 degrees elevation Angle, fully in line with the physiological curve of the head and neck. High-end pillow neck, low-end pillow, perfect support of the head and cervical spine, completely relax the head, neck, shoulder muscles and nerves. Prevent and eliminate as a result of people's bad sleeping habits such as pillow, bad sleeping position, pillow design unreasonable fatigue and soreness. It is especially suitable for patients with insomnia, easy pillow, cervical vertebra, desk workers and drivers, so that you can enjoy a more healthy and comfortable sleep.

1. Physical massage to relieve cervical pain

2. Improve oxygen and blood supply to the brain, deepen sleep and improve sleep quality

3. Speed up blood flow rate, eliminate waste of brain cell metabolism, improve microcirculation, eliminate brain fatigue, relieve dizziness and headache.

4. Promote blood circulation, remove silt, calm and calm, regulate blood pressure and blood lipids.

 Velvet pillowcase, soft and comfortable, removable and washable.记忆枕1_02




                           Small business we are happy to help! Willing to do, and seriously! Big business we are happy to do, but also have the strength to do!

Telephone/fax: 0579-89952539

Mobile phone: 18257813121 17826638960QQ: 2953538581
1. What is memory cotton?

A: the memory pillow is made of a material called memory cotton (polyether polyurethane), an open cellular structure developed by NASA in the 1960s. This material was used on the shuttle. To relieve the stress on the astronauts, to protect the astronauts' spines, especially during the shuttle's return and departure from the ground, the astronauts are under the greatest and most dangerous pressure. In order to protect the safety of astronauts, so invented this material. The biggest science in the 21st century will be life science, and space technology has made great contributions to the research of human life science. In the early 1990s, the development of civilian (medical) products, first in the medical first aid, monitoring system has been widely promoted and applied, and then in the developed countries pay attention to the health of the country quickly popularized, many European and American countries every three families have a memory cotton products. Now the domestic memory pillow market has also risen rapidly.

2. We need to wholesale, but we need to see the sample first. Can we send a sample free of charge?

A: samples are free if the quantity is more than 500 pieces. However, the first time to send the sample, the buyer needs to buy, according to the first price of the ladder price for billing. But in the bulk, we will deduct the cost of the first sample for you. In order to protect the interests of both of us, please forgive us for this recommendation.

3. Logistics or express delivery?

A: we will calculate the postage for you from a consumer's point of view. Generally, the quantity of goods is not large, so we recommend using express deliveryzhongtongExpress delivery). The freight charged will be based on the actual weight; In case of mass cargo, we will check the logistics cost for you, because the memory pillow series products are for dumping (light cargo), the logistics company calculates the freight according to the volume. PS: generally, there is little difference between the freight paid at destination and the freight paid at destination for express delivery. What we hope most is to pay the freight at destination, so that at least you can feel at ease. \"Oh, that guy didn't hack our logistics fees.\" In fact, we want to do is the word of mouth, to do is the contacts, to do is the integrity of the business. Only if your buyers are satisfied, can we have more opportunities for cooperation. You say that?

4. Is your quality good?

A: we are the manufacturer, we can do is to give you cost-effective products. We can do is, the same price products, our quality is the best; Our price is the lowest for products of the same quality. Don't take our 20 - and 30-yuan products to the supermarket to compare with the 200 - and 300-yuan products. If there are buyers who are prepared to do so, I suggest you go directly to the supermarket to buy. Even if we had better ones, we wouldn't want to cooperate with you. Sorry.

5. Does your memory pillow smell?

Answer: about the explanation of pillow odour: because the relation of pillow core raw material and craft, so all memory pillow inevitably can have a few flavour. Generally put in avoid the sun ventilated place ventilated a few days, taste can weaken a lot of a lot of. Include the memory pillow inside supermarket, it is to exist such phenomenon. It's just the weight of the taste. If the smell is light, the pillow has been around for a few days. And our shipment is very large, the pillows we send you are just off the production line. So relatively speaking it has some flavor. But please rest assured that the memory pillow sold in this shop is a safe pillow core, this kind of taste will not have an impact on health.

6. Applicable population of space memory cotton products

A:First, work pressure, cervical fatigue office workers, cervical disease patients

The traditional pillow cannot fit the natural curvature of the cervical vertebra, which can make the cervical vertebra suspended and the physiological curvature become straight, even in sleep In the tense state of work, many people have a stiff neck, shoulder pain, headache, nausea, upper limb numbness and other cervical diseases; And always feel the neck After the air leakage sleep uncomfortable.

Characteristics: according to the human body The principle of engineering, \"high in front and low in back,\" is the scientific pillow curve support that supports the head to form a \"natural traction\" to the cervical vertebra under gravity in the rear, during sleep Eliminate the wear and damage caused by the suspension and forward flexion of the cervical spine caused by the traditional pillow. The cervical spine can be supported scientifically in any sleeping position and can effectively restore the spine To correct the dislocation of the affected vertebra, the stimulation or compression of the blood vessels and the spinal cord, Relieve neck muscle spasm and correct cervical vertebra physiological curve To promote the natural recovery of damaged cervical ligaments and nerve vessels, and effectively relieve cervical acid, pain and stiffness. To cervical spondylotic disease has very good rehabilitative effect. Not only to sleep When comfortable, wake up after the shoulder, back, neck as comfortable as a massage.

Two, cardiovascular, high blood Pressure and other diseases of the elderly

Traditional pillow height design is not reasonable and long - term use of pillow core easy to collapse flat, so Lack of natural support for the cervical spine leads to poor blood circulation in the neck, insufficient brain support, and increased blood supply to the heart, especially in the elderly It is extremely easy to cause high blood pressure, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction and other fatal risk in sleep.

Features: targeted at The problem that old people use pillow habit to change hard, adopted the outline design of traditional pillow especially, but removed the protruding part of the middle surface of traditional pillow again, Combined with the excellent performance of pressure release memory cotton, it can take care of the old people's neck health and ensure the old people's health without changing the old people's habit of using pillow Natural sleep dredge meridian qi blood, protect the heart and brain, so that the elderly away from the risk of infarction and sudden death.

Three, sleep quality is low, easy insomnia, easy to wake up dream light sleep crowd

Soft and hard pillow height and material selection is not appropriate, will directly cause sleep Obstacle: traditional pillow can only prop up the head, neck is suspended, cervical vertebra suffers pressure, blood flow is not free, cause nocturnal cerebrum microcirculation obstacle, can appear Insomnia, snoring, dreaminess, early awakening, neurasthenia and other sleep problems. Sleep quality is difficult to ensure, even after waking up can feel a headache, dizziness, even than No sleep makes you more tired.

Features: it is made of absorbent memory cotton, which can reduce the gravity pressure on the neck and spine by 90% It can significantly reduce the number of times of turning over during sleep by 80%, completely relax the whole body, ensure adequate blood supply to the brain, improve sleep and promote blood circulation Effectively ensure the rest and metabolism of organs in each group of the body. Insist to use, realize to fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, sleep sweet, turn over less, dream less, every Enjoy a high-quality perfect sleep, wake up in the morning refreshed, relaxed.

Four, the skin is poor, the appearance premature senility female

Poor sleep will directly affect a woman's appearance. Traditional pillows are washed even daily , it is also difficult to ensure that the bacteria completely kill clean. Facial skin is contacted with pillow for a long time, can make the skin becomes coarse, appear blain wrinkle, spot wait for skin to ask The topic.

5. Students who are under great pressure to study and are preparing for the exam

The study pressure is big, the homework is intense, often lets the test preparation the student is worn out For children, sleep is the best time to help their brain function recover. A good pillow can help them fall asleep quickly and boost brain power Recovery. If the child's pillow does not fit, sleep quality is difficult to guarantee, not only will hinder the child's brain nerve fatigue recovery, but also can cause class drowsiness , poor concentration and memory loss. 

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