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Tulip with three-color gradient light control night light 中文版|
Tulip with three-color gradient light control night light Tulip with three-color gradient light control night light Tulip with three-color gradient light control night light
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  • Updated: 2020-07-28 13:49
  • About Product:Light-controlled three-color small night Light, color gradient, a day 12 hours as long as 1 degree of electricity a year
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The postage instructions

Small quantity, can send express, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai first weight 7 yuan, continued weight 2 yuan, Xinjiang, Xizang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia remote areas, the first weight 20 yuan, other mainland provinces lifting 11 or 15 yuan, continued weight 8 or 10 yuan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area according to the specific number of customer service accounting postage]

[The initial weight is generally less than 15]

[The quantity is large, it is suggested to send the goods to be paid on delivery]


Product information

[Product name] : Tulip Aquarius with three-color gradual change light control little night light

Product size: 20CM*20CM

[Product color] : pink, red, blue and other seven colors

Product display



Product introduction

Automatic light control, no need to handle. The latest bright LED technology is very energy efficient and energy saving, only one kilowatt hour of electricity per year. Most suitable for bedroom, corridor, bathroom and other places. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you can see around you clearly, but not to your eyes. It's great for personal use, babysitting, and gifts for family and friends. 

Product features

Automatic light control, really low energy consumption. Adopt energy-saving long life LED light source, can work continuously for more than 50000 hours. The product design is exquisite, the decorous consideration practical and the decoration function is the home essential good article.


After plugging in the power, the small night light will automatically adjust the LED light brightness according to the surrounding light brightness and automatically turn on or off the light when the external light is dim or bright. This product is suitable for use in living room, bathroom, bedroom, corridor, study and other household places.

Other product recommendations       

Technical parameters 

Voltage: AC 220V-50Hz Current: AC 0.02A Power: 0.2W  

Safety matters

This product is only used indoors or in places that are free from rain and splashing. Please do not touch the pins when using this product or the product when your hands are wet. Please stay away from bed sheets, curtains and other flammable items. Please stop using hair products when they are damp. Do not disassemble or modify the device to avoid children's touch.


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