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Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder 中文版|

Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder

Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder Phosphor phosphor color luminous powder
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  • Updated: 2016-11-28 13:36
  • About Product:Small bags of color luminous powder, 100 grams / bag heat sealing. Color: yellow fluorescence, Fluorescent Pink, blue fluorescence, UV fluorescence, fluorescent fluorescent green, orange, white, beige.
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And that Catalpol luminous powder technical index of Qi
Model The brightness of (mcd/m2) Average particle size Luminescence Luminescence Appearance
1min 2min 10min 60 min Um HR Dark place Light
Y1150 Three thousand and six hundred Two thousand one hundred and twenty Five hundred and ninety Ninty 40-60 11 Yellow green Yellow green
Y880 Two thousand nine hundred and fifty One thousand eight hundred and ninety Four hundred and thirty Seventy-eight 80-100 11 Yellow green Yellow green
Y408 Seven hundred and sixty Four hundred and thirty-six One hundred and eight Sixteen 8--12 11 Yellow green Yellow green
Y550B Nine hundred and eighty Five hundred and sixty Two hundred and thirty Fourty 60-75 11 Yellow green Yellow green
Y625 One thousand three hundred and ten Seven hundred and ten One hundred and fifty Thirty-eight 25-35 Ten Yellow green Yellow green
Y450 One thousand and seven hundred One thousand one hundred and twenty Two hundred and ninety Fourty 45-55 11 Blue and green Yellow green
YG250 Sixty Thirty-eight Seven point eight One point two 40-60 Two Violet White
Y350 Three hundred and eighty Two hundred and eight Sixty-three Fifteen 40-60 Six Sky blue chartreuse
YH220 Two hundred and seventy-five One hundred and forty-two Twenty-two 10--20 Zero point five Orange red White
YHG220 One hundred and twenty-one Seventy-one Eleven 10--20 Zero point five Red Orange
YBG320 Three hundred and sixty Two hundred and two Fifty-eight 11 20--30 Five White White
Zinc sulfide Three hundred and thirty One hundred and sixty-five Twenty-four Two point two 10--25 Three Yellow green Yellow green
Y650W One thousand six hundred and thirty Nine hundred and eighty Three hundred and eight Thirty-seven 30-45 11 Yellow green Yellow
Y625W One thousand three hundred and sixty-eight Eight hundred and twenty-seven Two hundred and sixty-five Twenty-eight 25-40 11 Yellow green Yanhuang
Y980W Two thousand two hundred and ten One thousand one hundred and fifty Five hundred and thirty-four Fifty-eight 45-65 11 Yellow green Yellow
Note: :Y650W, Y625W, Y980W for waterborne luminous powder, suitable for water-based paint, paint etc..

Packaging and storage:

Luminous powder suitable for storing in a dry place and avoid contact with water, sealed storage of nylon bag;

General Factory built-in double transparent bag or independent vacuum bag packaging .

A taboo:

25 kg / barrel

1 Avoid using in acid conditions (Al2O3 and acid can react with acid).

2 Avoid contact with water (will absorb moisture in the air, the use of black light and luminous powder does not agglomerate).

3 Avoid contact with the metal (it will affect the state of the reservoir of the powder, and the effect of the light).

4 Avoid high temperature and high speed friction (will change the existing structure of the luminous powder).

Two, use:

1 Injection molding: first according to the proportion of good luminous materials, adding proper amount of paraffin oil (oil diffusion can), tune into a paste, then pour into the said

Fully stir in the glue can be produced evenly. Injection materials: PP, PE, PVC, PU, PS, ABS, TPR, EVA,

PMMA, nylon, etc.. Plastic material more transparent, luminous effect is better, as far as possible the use of fluorescent toner toner, add less,

2 ink: good photoluminescent pigment, transparent light oil additives, stir evenly.

Three, the proportion of :

1 Injection: the proposed 4-10%, commonly used 5-6%, according to customer requirements and adjust. Above 8% with coarse powder of good brightness, low concentration ratio of fine powder for

Good brightness.

2 Transfer ink: recommended 40-60%, commonly used 50%.

Four, note:

1 mixed with neutral or weakly reducing the use of transparent resin, the recommended proportion of 40-60%, commonly used 50%, the higher the proportion of the more bright.

2 use glass, ceramic or plastic containers for storage, mixing and dispersing metal.

3, a large proportion of luminous materials is easy to deposit, use of high viscosity resin, or add anti settling agent, stir evenly before use.

Available diluent to adjust the viscosity, but do not use metal compounds as additives

4 printing background with white and reflective color, can improve the brightness and luminous time, such as fluorescent color as far as possible in the luminous powder 1%, fluorescence

The smaller the pigment, the less influence on the brightness.

5 to achieve good luminous effect, try not to use the luminous powder particle size is too thin. The luminous powder particle size is smaller, the brightness is weak. Printing or

coating with a thickness of more than 130um is preferred (80 mesh two times India)

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