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Kim gold paint gold paste powder Merck 中文版
Kim gold paint gold paste powder Merck Kim gold paint gold paste powder Merck Kim gold paint gold paste powder Merck Kim gold paint gold paste powder Merck
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  • Updated: 2016-11-28 13:33
  • Zi Qi Merck gold 7305 with a bright gold color, flash of excellent crystal materials. Suitable for high-grade gold foil couplet, home decoration materials, toys, paint coatings industry.
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Yiwu Zi Qi flash pigment
Main Products: Nail jewelry nail accessories beauty ingredients cosmetics materials novelty toys educational toys luminous toys Glitter pearl powder luminous powder
Contacts: Chen Jiexiong
Mobile: 86-13735600144
E-mail: ywziqi@ziqigy.cn
WeChat: 13735600144
Address: No. 3-5, Building 82, Yongsheng Community, Jiangdong District, Yiwu City

Zi Qi pearl powder is a new type of paint, the appearance of transparent powder, flat, with larger diameter and smooth surface and high refractive index characteristics than general pigment. The surface of the transparent mica sheet is coated with a solid layer thickness by strict control of high refractive index transparent metal oxide film formed by the incident light can be generated by the multilayer reflective film, which can produce pearl luster pigment, and Zi Qi pearlescent pigment and more transparent material, can produce more beautiful pearl luster; can reproduce nature pearls, shells, butterfly, fish and metal with elegant gloss and color.

features :

It is non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature (800 DEG C), acid and alkali resistance, no discoloration, no migration, not conductive, antistatic, advantages of light and good stability. The particle size can affect the size of pearl luster, larger particle size, pearl luster more strong, hiding power is weak; the smaller the particle size, showing silky luster and strong hiding power.

construction technology :


Screen printing

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Printing ink, paint, cosmetics, plastic products, leather, wood, printing, crafts, decorations, toys, coatings, pens, cigarette butts, washbasin, hanger etc.


1, Zi Qi pearl powder and transparent dye or pigment and use, can get the unique color effect, but if and opaque pigment and use, will reduce the Pearl luster.

2, high shear mixing or long time of mixing, pearl powder particles will be destroyed, will reduce the Pearl luster.

3, ink or coating in low viscosity, pearl powder particles will precipitate, please use the mix.

4, as complementary color phenomenon, do not put the Rainbow series product mix.

5, in order to have a uniform dispersion of good, please pre wetting of pearl powder, and then put into plastic particles with aniseed or solvent wetting, then mixed with Pearl powder.

Product type:

ZQF100 silver series

ZQF200 Rainbow Series

ZQF300 golden series

ZQF400 color and color series

ZQF490 color lights series

ZQF500 mica iron metal color series

ZQF600 Crystal Silver Series

ZQF800 Diamond Star Series

ZQF9000 diamond dragon series

ZQ19000 series multicolor effect

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