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Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotted pillow plush toys 中文版|

Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotted pillow plush toys

Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotted pillow plush toys Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotted pillow plush toys Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotted pillow plush toys
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  • Updated: 2021-07-07 13:40
  • About Product:Ins qingxinfeng baby knitting bed around knotting pillow plush toys for the details, both please consult the break quantity large price superior all products can be customized interested parties can call: 15868174569(WeChat with the same number) QQ: 1511294129 welcome to hit the order!!!
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Above 200pcs   ¥ 62.00 /pc
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Main Products: Plush toys, glowing bears, dolls, pillows, novelty toys, home gifts
Contacts: Wang Feifei
Mobile: 86-15868174569
E-mail: 342612844@qq.com
WeChat: wff1511294129
Address: 1113 , 10 Street, 1 F, 8 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1).
Address: Heyetang Industrial Zone, No. 17, Wuhua Road, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Effie plush toy factory

Contact information: 15868174569(WeChat with the same number), 13958017440(WeChat with the same number)

QQ: 1511294129, 342612844, 2040598343

Contact: wang feifei

LOGO, trademark, bar code and qr code can be added to all products in the store Sample customization is available (more than 200 for customization)

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Warm tips: plush toys maintenance

1. Keep indoor cleaning to minimize dust and clean toy surfaces with clean, dry and soft tools.
2. Avoid long-term sunlight and keep the inside and outside of the toy dry.
3, when cleaning can take necessary measures according to the size, small can use tape to be afraid of wearing parts stained with, directly into the washing machine soft wash, shake dry, hang in the shade dry, and intermittent patting toys, make its fur, filling fluffy soft. For large toys, you can find the filling seam, cut the stitching line, and remove the special filling part (eyron cotton) without removing (better maintaining the appearance). Wash and dry the epidermis, then put the filling into the toy epidermis, shape and sew.
4. For the wool/cloth or doll with high intelligent electronics, machine core and sound, the electronic components (some are not waterproof) or the battery must be removed before cleaning to prevent water damage.
5, clean toys dry, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur neat, make its fur smooth, beautiful.
6, to see whether the five viscera of plush toys is clean and hygienic, unqualified toy filler, there is waste plastic, fiber rope, paper scraps, and even the state expressly prohibited black heart cotton.
7. Twist the eyes, nose and mouth of plush toys to see if they are strong. If the small parts on the toys do not conform to the national standards, they are unqualified products.
8. In order to keep healthy, the plush toys should be disinfected and cleaned regularly.
9, simple and easy sterilization, disinfection method, the steam iron with larger power can be used in villi gently reciprocating ironing, also has a certain sterilization decontamination effect.
10, in the home washing the plush toys to happiness.only: can be used for fewer toys small parts of 30 to 40 ℃ warm water washed by hand or machine, can use a neutral detergent when cleaning, for plush toys, with wool detergent effect will be better.
11, how to make toys not easy to dirty and extend its life, the original purchase of toy food, whether it is paper boxes or plastic bags must not be discarded, in order to store when packaging long dust. Damp climate area, in order to prevent toys from moisture, can be placed in the preservation of the desiccant, stuffed toys in the preservation of as far as possible to avoid overstock, so as not to deformation damage.

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