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6.3 sponge baby PU ball pressure foaming children toy ball manufacturers wholesale solid pet cartoon 中文版| Report Item
6.3 sponge baby PU ball pressure foaming children toy ball manufacturers wholesale solid pet cartoon 6.3 sponge baby PU ball pressure foaming children toy ball manufacturers wholesale solid pet cartoon 6.3 sponge baby PU ball pressure foaming children toy ball manufacturers wholesale solid pet cartoon
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  • Updated: 2018-12-04 14:06
  • This product for PU (polyurethane) environmental protection material special plastic coating film process foaming! Meet the European Union and the United States developed countries environmental standards! Suitable for domestic export, cross-border e-commerce sales!\nOur factory supports the opening of custom - made, printing LOGO and label, all kinds of certificates are fully covered. Contact number WeChat 13594049405 QQ 422384761
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Above 2880pcs   ¥ 0.70 /pc
1440pcs ~2879pcs   ¥ 0.75 /pc
720pcs ~1439pcs   ¥ 0.80 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Seller's attention!

Pattern random mix

This connection is defaultThe size of 6.3 cm,Other size(7.6cm, 10cm)Price please consult shop assistant!

All the pictures are packaged with 12 OPP bags, and the number of patterns is shown in the figure. If you needPick a pattern colorPlease consult shop assistant! The goods will be shipped by default without consulting private remarks!

Due to theThis product has low added value and low production costNot every appearance is perfect! Our factory produces 100,000 per day.Very few surfaces are defectiveThe profit of this product is small if you need to return or replace itPlease pay the round-trip freight by yourself!This product has no 7 days without reason to return it! Please mind the appearance of picky customers careful ordering! So as not to cause unnecessary disputes!

The delivery instructions

Because of these toysIt's very bigCast (cargo)Less than 360 defaultsSend express!More than 360Other areas, non - customer requirements are the sameShipping and shipping department (self-provided)The logistics charges can be paid on or off. As yiwu's own logistics system developed logistics self-pick-up costs are half of the express delivery, more than 360 express costs on the high side! Suggest more than 360 delivery logistics, yiwu logistics across the country basic coverage! The specific logistics cost is calculated according to the specific volume of the goods.


Product name: sponge baby

size             The rate of using the     Cases of gauge       A single weight

6.3cm (2.5in) 720 PCS     48 * 60 * 54 cm   14 g
7.6cm (3.0in) 720 PCS     57 * 47 * 93 cm   22 g
1 0cm (4.0 inches) 300 PCS     57 * 47 * 93 cm   44 g

The raw material of this product isPolyurethane (PU also known as foam sponge)Solid.European and American environmental standards!

Friendship link:The product of

                           Private custom

(a)Custom LOGOTwo processes can be adopted:

1.Transfer printing (silk printing):Belongs to the second printing, the craft is simple, the effect is general, the smaller the LOGO the better!Competitive cost low delivery fast!

2,Open (color printing): all the products in our shop are independently printed, printed and coloredExcellent effect, you only need to provide the pattern file, size, can be plate!But the cost is high!

(2)Custom pattern:Print the client's own picture must open the version!IMG_6879

Transfer proof:IMG_7649



Open sample:IMG_7011



Hard and soft photo







     Shuang shuang ball factory is a professional toys PVC toys, PU ball, volleyball, yoga supplies, toys kindergarten toys, inflatable ball, basketball, football, jump vault inflatable animals, cylinder, gas injection, plastic nylon mesh bag, evade glue toys and other products professional production and processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system. In the toy industry has 15 years of experience in shuang shuang toys in integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry, welcome to allFriends of the world come to visit, guide and business negotiations.





Contact person: Mr. Qin


hand Machine: 13867950024 13594049405


Q Q: 956511532   422384761


Business address: no. C1-1218a, international trade city, China commodity city, jinhua, zhejiang, China




Return issue:


1. In case of air leakage, damage and other quality problems, the seller shall bear the freight within 3 days after receiving the goods. Overdue and non-quality issues of return and exchange of goods and other circumstances buyer's freight will be paid!


2, all our products are low value-added products, because of the great production, print and color printing and the surface of the individual will have some minor flaws, perfectionism and buyers please don't mind appearance, if you need a replacement for postage on their own! The profit of this store is small, do not accept the return of appearance problem!
3. This product is shot in kind. As the color and quality cannot meet your expectation, or other return and exchange problems that do not belong to quality problems, please pay the postage if you want to return it. This product is hand-painted by hand, the paint dyeing problem will be a little, please perfectionist, or mind the product appearance careful order! If you need to return the goods, the postage is on your own account!


Definition of quality problems: air leakage, product damage, whitening, deformation and other problems that affect use. Appearance and texture are not quality issues! The final interpretation right belongs to our company! The following order indicates that the customer agrees to the above purchase principle! Please read carefully before buying! So as not to cause unnecessary disputes!

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