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Multicolor gloves with semi - hanging and fully hanging PVC vinyl hanging gloves labor protection gloves with being dipping rubber protective gloves 中文版|

Multicolor gloves with semi - hanging and fully hanging PVC vinyl hanging gloves labor protection gloves with being dipping rubber protective gloves

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  • Updated: 2019-07-18 08:41
  • About Product:Material: nylon length: 23.5cm weight :40 (g) (g) type: non-disposable use range: a wide range of colors: red, wine red, gray, green
EXW Price:
Above 3600pcs   ¥ 1.70 /pc
720pcs ~3599pcs   ¥ 1.75 /pc
70pcs ~719pcs   ¥ 2.00 /pc
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Shandong gaomi yixingzi labor protection gloves factory
Main Products: Gloves, labor protection gloves, latex gloves, rubber gloves, nylon gloves, construction gloves, industrial gloves
Contacts: Qiao Guodong
Mobile: 86-15268691678
WeChat: 15268691678
Address: 37143A,37143B, 21 Street, 2 F, 78 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 4).

Looking for national wholesale agents,70 pairs of batch, 720 pairs of a piece,In large quantities, please call the Marketing Department at 15268691678


function: resistant to oil, lubricating oil and other non-solvent oil, wear-resistant, close to both hands, comfortable to wear

use: mechanical repair, auto repair, hardware processing, machine tool operation, aircraft maintenance, electronic assembly and other industries.

It is hereby explained that the colors of different batches of gloves dipped in glue and the colors of wrist lacing may be different from the pictures.

Although some PVC hanging gloves can protect hands from injury, they should not be used in hot weather. Fully hanging rubber gloves are not breathable, which will be uncomfortable to use in summer. Semi-hanging rubber gloves can easily solve this problem. Semi-hanging rubber gloves are not only light to wear, but also have good air permeability, comfort and no side effects on human body. They also have the characteristics of anti-skid, wear-resisting and oil-resistant, good elasticity, close to the palm, free movement and comfortable to wear. It is mainly applicable to cargo handling, construction site, metal processing, steel manufacturing, plastic factory, chemical plant, electronics factory, shipyard, packaging and printing, electrical engineering, machinery manufacturing, hand protection in daily life and other working environments. It overcomes the air-tight defect of all-hanging rubber gloves and inherits the wear-resisting characteristics of all-hanging rubber gloves. Semi-hanging rubber gloves are also very convenient to clean, it is easy to clean, no leakage of needle, no damage, the hand has a good protection.DSC_0384_副本







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