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Children's Day Gifts Wholesale and Retail Children's Crayons Customized Crayon Creative Gifts Kindergarten Drawing Pen 中文版|
Children's Day Gifts Wholesale and Retail Children's Crayons Customized Crayon Creative Gifts Kindergarten Drawing Pen Children's Day Gifts Wholesale and Retail Children's Crayons Customized Crayon Creative Gifts Kindergarten Drawing Pen Children's Day Gifts Wholesale and Retail Children's Crayons Customized Crayon Creative Gifts Kindergarten Drawing Pen Children's Day Gifts Wholesale and Retail Children's Crayons Customized Crayon Creative Gifts Kindergarten Drawing Pen
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  • Updated: 2021-08-09 09:16
EXW Price: ¥ 1.60 ~ ¥ 4.95 /pcs
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Tucai Stationery Co.,Ltd
Main Products: Crayons, crayon, magic marker pen, rotating Crayon Crayon, environmentally friendly crayons,
Contacts: Luo Miaoying
Mobile: 86-13989423338
E-mail: 2215640691@qq.com
WeChat: 13989423338
Address: 21980 , 6 Street, 1 F, 57 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 3).
Address: Yiwu International Business Center, No. 282, Futian Road, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province



Product Model box/unit price packing number gross weight box gauge 1009-12 144 1.6-1.5 6*24*144 18 53.5*37.5*31 1009-18 96 2.4-2.2 4*24*96 18 53*37.5*29 1009-24 72 3.2-3 3*24*72 18 41*38*38 1009-36 48 4.8-4.5 2*24*48 18 52*27.5*38



at ordinary times, the customer service is online at 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 a.m. at night. If there is any problem, the customer will contact you when seeing the message online. If there is any emergency, please contact 13989423338.


Can be customization as request, need to reach the minimum order quantity can be customized, dear, for example, 1009-12 color, one piece is 144 boxes, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces, equivalent to 7200 boxes, this is the minimum order quantity, 18-color packing number is 96 boxes, equivalent to 4800 boxes, 24-color packing number is 72 boxes, equivalent to 3600 boxes, 36-color packing number is 48 boxes, equivalent to 2400 boxes, minimum order quantity is 50 pieces! If you have any questions, please consult me!


Many regular customers of early childhood education Central studio education institutions! The latest test report (SGS) is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic!


1. All products in this store with watermarks are taken in kind. What you see is what you get. The actual products are basically the same as the pictures. You get what you pay for. The quality is guaranteed. Please rest assured to buy.
2. Return and exchange: if the product packaging bag is damaged and affects the secondary sales, it will not be returned or exchanged.
3. Color difference problem: due to everyone's vision and display problem, there will be a certain color difference between the real object and the picture. Like our usual photography, the picture is relatively bright, while the real object is dark, therefore, customers who care about color difference should consider carefully before ordering.
4. Evaluation questions: I attach great importance to the evaluation of every buyer and strive to achieve perfect service. If you feel dissatisfied after receiving the product, please don't rush to make comments first. Contact the owner quickly for detailed discussion, which will definitely give you a proper solution. Please also give a sincere evaluation after solving the problem for you.
5. Quality problems: there will be special departments packing before shipment. There should be no quality problems, but it cannot be 100%. Pictures without watermarks are basically highly imitated, if it is different from the authentic product, please cannot afford it. If the product does have its own defects, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt, and we will solve them properly for you,
A. Return and return postage for non-quality problems shall be borne by the buyer.
B. Please make sure that the packaging is the same as the original packaging when returning or returning goods, which will not affect the next sale, packaging bags, etc.
C. Please sign for the goods yourself when receiving the goods, and check the goods in front of the delivery personnel without damage. If the goods are damaged after they sign for the goods or directly sign for the goods, our store has the right not to accept your exchange and return processing ~!
Therefore, our store is not responsible for all quality problems. If you return the goods without our permission, the buyer shall bear any loss.
6. Due to the large number of customers, they are generally in stock. If there is out of stock, the customer service will contact you.
7. Size problem: each product has a detailed size, and each measurement method is different. The error of about 2C M is normal. If the seller is blamed for the wrong recommended size afterwards, I am sorry and do not accept the return for this reason.
8. Express delivery problem: the express delivery companies we cooperate with usually arrive at normal time. Sometimes special circumstances will be one or two days later, especially in case of bad weather and legal holidays, there will be delay and delay. Due to different delivery times, there will be no delivery on weekends. In addition, the quality of salesmen in each outlet of the express company is different. In the middle, there may be some outlets that have bad attitude or damaged packages, etc, unexpected factors that some sellers cannot predict. In short, please contact us if there is any unpleasantness, and we will actively communicate with the courier company to solve it.


1009-12 color outer packing size is 8.6*1.8*19.9

1009-18 color outer packing size is 20.5*1.8*12.6

the outer packing size of 1009-24 colors is 19.8*1.8*16.4

the outer packing size of 1009-36 colors is 28*1.8*17

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