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Solar Water Pump P Photovoltaic Water Pump 75sps Stainless Steel Water Pump 中文版
Solar Water Pump P Photovoltaic Water Pump 75sps Stainless Steel Water Pump Solar Water Pump P Photovoltaic Water Pump 75sps Stainless Steel Water Pump Solar Water Pump P Photovoltaic Water Pump 75sps Stainless Steel Water Pump
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  • Updated: 2020-12-25 09:00
  • SOLAR Environmental Protection WATER PUMP photovoltaic SOLAR WATER PUMP
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I. Overview of 3SPS upgrade 75SPS products:

The solar water supply system consists of three parts: Solar power generation system, photovoltaic water pump control system and water pump. The solar cell array is composed of multiple solar cell assembly pieces in series and parallel, which absorb the solar radiation energy and convert it into electric energy to provide power for the whole system. Photovoltaic water pump controller controls and adjusts the operation of the system, converts the unstable direct current generated by the solar cell array into stable direct current to drive the DC water pump, the output current is adjusted in real time according to the change of sunshine intensity, and the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology of solar cell is adopted to realize the maximum power point tracking and make maximum use of solar energy.

Solar well submersible pump is a water lifting machine that works when the motor and water pump are directly connected into the water. It consists of submersible pump, submersible motor, water pipe, cable, starting protection device, solar panel, etc. The pump is composed of a solar panel which converts light energy into electric energy and a low-voltage special solar water pump. It does not need to lay cable, which is convenient, practical and easy to operate. When there is sunshine, Pumper automatic pumping, no sunlight equipped with power supply can ensure continuous pumping, stable voltage work. It is suitable for domestic drinking water in families, grassland pastural region and working base stations with sufficient sunshine and no power supply in remote areas; Farmland irrigation and human and animal water in plateau mountainous areas, courtyard irrigation extracts groundwater from deep wells; It can also be used in rivers, water lifting projects such as reservoirs and canals are especially suitable for industrial and mining, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and family-style (or mountain water delivery), which can be used continuously in rainy days.

II. Main features:

1. Energy saving and high efficiency, the maximum efficiency obtained by motor or controller combination is over 85%. Compared with the traditional AC pump, the efficiency is increased by 25%.

2. It has many functions such as battery undervoltage protection, self-recovery operation, over-current overload protection, drying, blocking rotation, preventing water overflow, etc.

3. Anti-sand and anti-freezing structure, automatic thermal protection, simple installation and use, maintenance-free and other features.

4. The whole system is composed of anti-corrosion components and does not contain oily lubrication. It adopts 316 stainless steel metal materials (Shell, rotating shaft, rotor, water inlet seat and pump head), without pollution, and is an ideal green environmental production.

5. Equipped with perfect electrical protection device, the whole machine is compact in structure, beautiful in shape, light and durable, safe and reliable.

Three, use:

Courtyard irrigation, farmland irrigation, grassland pastural region, working base station, and human and animal water in Plateau and mountainous areas; Suitable for industrial and mining, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and household use, especially in the rich solar energy, areas that lack water and electricity.


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